Questions about loyalty point stores

After looking at multiple LP stores and websites I have a few questions about the mechanics related to them.

  1. Do specific items have same the price tags (lp and isk) in every corp’s loyalty store?

  2. Talking about the same empire faction (in my case the Minmatar Republic), do specific member corps offer better items in their LP stores than others (i have noticed that their items are not the same, but comparing the shops of 20 corps, each with 150+ items, meh… I hope someone has info on this.)? If so, which one should I go for? How many types of LP stores does a single faction have?
    (excluding FW, because I prefer neutrality)

  3. How can I determine which items are worth it and which items are not? I have checked multiple websites, but to be honest, I am more and more confused.

Thank you for your help and have a nice day!

google eve lp store

you can search by corp or by item, see the LP /isks needed, the value to sell or buy orders etc

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