Loyalty points items question

What are the most profitable loyalty point items to spend your points on if you plan to re-sell? I need the isk.

blueprints, but you have to check market thrice whether they are profitable or not

there are sites that can help with it but its always a good idea to re-check prices within the game.

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Yeah join the club.

But since LP is faction specific, it depends on which faction you have the points with.

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Faction weapon systems are really hot due to the changes allowing T2 ammo. These will fluctuate until the meta plays out and the supply and demand level off. Speculative marketing ftw!

The ability for faction weapons to use T2 ammo is currently limited to capital ships. Subcaps will need to wait until module tiercide is complete.

Some faction modules are very profitable, especially if you harvest the tags yourself. If you buy the tags you need to be careful. Last time I checked the 5 run BPC for Imperial Navy EANM was an excellent choice but, the market is dynamic so do your own due diligence.

That is a false assumption on par with “minerals you mine are free”.

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If you’re running the missions to get the LP anyway, you might as well harvest the tags. Some people worry about empire faction standing and decline missions that drop tags - all the work but none of the reward.

Also, the minerals you mine (or the tags you harvest) are worth a whole lot more if you use them to build faction modules (buy faction blueprints) than if you sell them to buy orders in Jita!

You can sell them via sell orders. Mined minerals do not make manufacturing cheaper, farmed tags do not make ISK/LP rate better.

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We can agree to disagree - you sell your minerals and tags in Jita - I’ll use mine to build these: https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/blueprint/?typeid=15729

I mean swap tags for any other dropped module of similar cost and nothing would have changed, except for lost standings.


Use this. Pick your store and push sell orders, arrange by highest. There is an option for blueprints but I don’t recommend it because rather than dealing with that you could be earning more LP, unless the margin is massive, Time is money. Go down the list until you see a popular item that won’t sit on market for five years to sell. For example navy ammo, faction drones, faction medium shield extenders, sisters probe launchers etc. Buying things like 903 hardwirings for hull HP might be more isk per LP but really how are you gonna unload 2 million LP worth of it?

This. It’s insane that it’s 2019 and people still think the ore they mined is free.

For many factions/corporations blueprints are where the money in (like 2x or more LP/ISK rate than getting completed things for marginal inconvenience of having to manufacture them). So the quoted sentence is a terrible advice to make.

Maybe my LP stores just haven’t had that kind of experience. I take it back and fixed.

yea, and now that the industry window remembers settings you can pretty much just bring it up and click start job on each blueprint, it takes maybe a minute to start 10 jobs, and most of that minute is waiting for the industry window to load. Oh and if you have the remote manufacturing skill you can start your jobs remotely while traveling making for near 0 downtime.

Speaking of blueprints, Federation navy stasis webifier blueprints are pretty nice, and there’s a bunch of other great items in that store too.

supposedly that’s coming in the May release

The OP was looking to maximize ISK/LP. The last time I did the math, the 5 run Imperial Navy EANM BPC worked out to about 3000 ISK/LP even if you bought the tags from sell orders and sold the modules to buy orders. If you use buy orders for the tags or sell orders for the modules, the ISK/LP increases but so does the time and effort you need to invest. Likewise you can increase the profit by harvesting some or all of the tags while running the missions at a cost of standings. Your choice. You do need to build the modules and take them to market and you’l need some capital to buy the tags you don’t harvest but - it’s one of the more profitable ways to run missions.

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