What to sell, what to reprocess, what to turn in, what to keep?

At the outset, I want to apologize for what will be a rather vague question.

I’m not quite a “new” player, having been here at launch, but after a long hiatus I am certainly feeling like a newb. From my earlier days mining and running missions in a Raven, I’ve got lots of minerals and loot (mostly T1, some T2 and story/faction) lying around. Some stuff might be useful for manufacturing, though I haven’t figured out what I want to manufacture. I’ve also got a ton of tags that I never turned in. In total this stuff is probably worth less than a billion isk, maybe half a billion.

Can anyone offer thoughts on whether to hoard stuff, turn in tags, reprocess things, or sell it? I’m inclined to sell most stuff except the minerals and blueprints, and maybe try turning in some tags. Again, I apologize for such an open-ended question.

I can sadly only give a vague answer to this, my personal recommendations would go as this :slight_smile:
Minerals : if you can - hoard. With a massive war in Null Sec going on and CCPs mining nerfs the prices for minerals will keep climbing.
T1/T2 Loot : Sell in Jita
Faction Loot : Sell in Jita but check buy and sell orders both. Especially with faction loot it can happen quickly that you sell well below value, better of making your own sell order when you see a high difference between buy and sell order values.
Tags : Sell,

You can use https://evepraisal.com/ to get a rough estimate of the entire value by copy pasting from your assets (list view) or typing the exact descriptions in manually.

Hope I could help you a bit.


Whatever you decide to sell , don’t transport it to a trading hub using an untanked hauler . I recommend you a tanked Badger , if you can’t use a blockade runner or a deep space transport.


Thanks for the replies! @Luwc , that’s just the sort of advice I was looking for. I’m glad to hear you think I just sell the tags, because it sounds like a massive pain to turn them in. And I appreciate the link to that appraisal site.

@Oriki_Ahvilen I appreciate the advice on haulers. Does one have to go to a trade hub? What if I sell at a home station that’s, say, 4 jumps from a hub, at a slightly lower rate than at the hub itself?

That’s up to you , if you are satisfied with the prices you are getting there … Usually the major trading hubs have better buy orders if you are in a hurry , but there you can also setup your own sell orders . Some traders have buy orders that cover multiple systems around a hub .

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Excellent! Thanks again. Lots of food for thought.

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If you into trouble hauling I can maybe help you out aslong as it isnt like super far away from the trade hubs. Shoot me an EveMail if you need help and we can check it out :slight_smile:

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Sounds good! Thanks. :slight_smile:

As far as the reprocessing goes, i haven’t seen anyone pick up on that one yet… I’ll go through and reprocess anything that doesn’t have the :warning: symbol… if they have that symbol i just leave them alone in the Q until i reprocessed all i can…

I do wish CCP would add the function to reprocess more than 1 item at a time.

@Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras That’s interesting, Geo. Is that your presumptive approach – reprocess when in doubt? Do you construct a lot of things with the resulting minerals?

I was creating ships… but anymore i just let it sit or find someone who wants to buy them.

i throw everything into the reprocess window, and if it has the warning symbol, i remove them and if it looks like i’ll have a profit after reprocessing, thats what i do, if not, i just keep collecting.

I have minerals lying around, and I’m not sure what to make myself. For now, I keep myself stocked with ammo.

One more question about selling stuff. I’ve made a few sell orders, and one thing has sold. But I’m impatient, I admit. Do most non-traders just haul stuff to a trade hub and sell immediately for the best price they can get there?

If you sell immediately, chances are you make less profit. Thats why I (Luwc) said earlier to check buy and sell orders.

For example :

Sell order for “Faction Module” 100.000.000 ISK
Buy order for “Faction Module” 50.000.000 ISK

You would sell 50% under the potential value if you sold immediately.

Now its up to you. Do you sell for 50million ISK or put up your own Sell order around the 100million ISK mark and waiting for it to sell to make more money down the line :slight_smile: It really is your personal decision.

Not that relevant to your question but from my personal experience :

I learned that process the hard way.
Had a Machariel Hull once, sold everything in a hurry in Amarr. Realized I only got 200m for the Machariel Hull. Checked the sell and buy orders and realized they sell for 800-900m and the highest buy orders were 200mil. So I sold extremely under value. Since then whenever I have something a little more expensive I check the orders and determine if I want instant ISK or put up my own sell order, wait and potentially get more out of it.

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If it’s an expensive item it’s worth checking buy/sell orders as you may be able to make more profit by selling it yourself. Of course you also risk the chance of it sitting for a long time as traders undercut your sell price.

In a case like this, where you may have just 1 of the item, I’d place a sell order at 80-90,000,000 ISK if I wanted the money fast but wanted more than the buy price.

Sometimes cash in hand is more important than getting a bit more ISK. Remember when you place a sell order you have brokers fees as well as tax to pay. That can eat into your profits

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Thanks for the replies. OK, I’ll try to be more patient, heh!

Incidentally, I do have the brokerage and sales-tax skills at level IV. Even with those skills, it’s still like a 3.5% hit for both those things. Ouch!

I basically reprocess everything that has an estimated value of 30k isk or less and I’ll sell anything over 30k or keep it if it’s something that I use often. But that’s just me. I try to make as much isk as possible. I rarely ever do an immediate sale unless I have a ton of something that I’m trying to get rid of or the immediate price is higher than the est value. But that still depends.


Something that I do is to reprocess the cheap loot and manufacture my own ammo.


I appreciate the further feedback!

This is an example of the many interesting decisions in this game. In most MMOs, you just take your loot to a vendor and “Sell All” for a pile of gold, and prices are identical everywhere. EVE is more interesting. In EVE, you have to decide whether to reprocess, keep, or sell, and if you decide to sell, then you have to decide where and when to sell and what kind of order to place. I love it!

For loot use something like jeveassets to decide what to reprocess vs sell. tbh a lot of loot isn’t worth all that much, and the ingame estimates are pretty solid, so a lot is probably just worth reprocessing. hauling and selling might not be worth the time.

Tags, pretty much just look at jita prices.

Ore: they’ve changed a few times over the years, if you have the processing skills probably want to look for a refinery structure that gives public access. if not probably want to sell it.


if you plan on selling more and more, you may want to look at what standings you have for the trade hub NPC corp , like Jita 4-4 is Cal Navy. Also you have Advanced Broker skill as well… Max standings with Cal Navy and Cal State can drop you all the way down to 3% for broker/relist fees.