Salvaged Goods & Faction Tags

I read, somewhere, salvaging could be profitable. I’ve aquired a some items that seem to be still good and some that seem to be ruined.
After searching through the UniWiki, I still can’t figure out what exactly I can do with them. All I seem to find is vague answers like sell it or use it in manufacturing, nothing really specific. Could someone point me in the right direction on what to do?

I think I have the same problem with the faction tags, sell them or turn them in… somewhere.
I just keep collecting them and haven’t figured out how, or where, to use them.

I probably haven’t aquired enough of either to viable do anything with them, I would just like to have a better understanding of why.

Everything about New Eden tells me I need to think and plan several steps in advance, which is partly why I enjoy it. Is there any other sources, besides the UniWiki, I should be reviewing?


Unless you get into manufacturing or buying items through the LP store, just sell it.

Salvage comes in two varieties, orange and blue (Worth more).
The orange is for making T1 rigs, the blue is for T2 rigs.

Faction tags are usually needed to be spent alongside ISK and LP in faction stores to buy faction equipment.

Clone soldiers (Rare pirate spawn) drop clone soldier tags, when used at a CONCORD station along with ISK, you can use this to increase your security status.

Sidenote: If you want to potentially make dank ISK while salvaging, then fit up a cheap magnate with salvagers and such and go to faction warfare space in lowsec. There you can loot player wrecks, then then salvage the elite/advanced wrecks (These are from T2/T3 ships that drop T2 salvage, the other normal ones arent usually worth it unless its like a battleship). You can also scoop T2 and faction drones.

Sometimes on a lucky day I have made 300 mil in 3 hours, other days I have made nothing.


That’s some great advice, I’m definitely going to keep that in mind.


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