Is it profitable/possible to salvage wars?

Hi, I’ve been thinking about this idea of getting my Anathema cov ops with a lvlV Salvager and Cloaks and try to salvage valuable stuff in war wrecks or maybe even some ninja salvage WH drones.

Is there a profitable “professinon” there?
Can solo salvaging be profitable in any way?

Yes and no.

It’s going to be hard to know where the wrecks are during a war. You’ll be warping around and jumping through a lot of systems.


When we rat in our supers, we let the new players salvage our stuff. They make good money off it.

Probably better if you salvage behind a mission runner, you’ll make more isk faster than jumping around systems looking for wardec wrecks.

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Unfortunately wrecks can’t be probed.

However, you can find plenty of T2 and faction drones with combat probes. I like to hit d-scan as I’m warping through low sec. If I see faction drones pop up, then I’m looting them. My best find was finding four ‘augmented’ hammerheads. I think the total was over 100m. Not bad man. :slight_smile:

You can also find mobile tractor units with combat probes. Frequently, they’ll be abandoned, or the owner may be busy somewhere else. You can blap them for their loot, although it’ll give you “suspect” status. But since you’re in low sec and below, it won’t matter. My best find from last month dropped over 350m ISK in loot.

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