Bulk dumping of under-100K value items

Hello, sorta-new sorta-old player here, new to trading though. I’ve resurrected some old trial accounts from the way-back, and see that I have literally tens of thousands of low-value items that I never sold back then and certainly don’t have time to play the .01 ISK game to sell now.

Obviously I could just separate out all items below 100,000 ISK value and bulk re-process them for minerals. However as a (current) Alpha I would lose half the minerals in that process. I think that would be roughly a half-billion ISK loss in value.

Just wondering if there are people/trading methods established to help with this sort of thing. (I’ve been out of touch with EVE for a few years) Do people set up bulk contracts and just toss all their items into one? How would you value that? Or do people have “give me your stuff, I’ll re-process and pay you” deals set up? (Obviously scammable unless it was a trusted pilot)

I’m aware that many people would simply have a corp/fleet mate with good reprocessing who could handle this for them, and I might end up going that way. Just wondered if there was a standard approach to this.

It’s not a large amount of ISK relatively speaking, but I suspect I will need to do this every 3 months or so. It would be helpful to be aware of any options out there that I might miss.

Thanks for any tips or info, see you in game!

Bulk sale of items in a contract has an unofficial term: it’s called a firesale.

It’s somewhat common, but people do it because they need some cash now, and are willing to sacrifice their profit margins to get it. Selling it all piecemeal on the market is what I’d recommend here. It’s a good chance to get yourself reacquainted with market trends.

My advice is to not sell them.

Future meta changes might make them useful and this can make prices explode.

I made the mistake of selling all my Contaminated Lorentz Fluids when they were worthless, for example. Probably had 5000 or so of them sold when they were under 1000 ISK each; at peak they were in the 230k range.

Just keep looking at them under a filter of ‘Show only items over 50k’. Sell anything that shows up, the rest can sit there.

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Reprocessing was changed a lot in 2014 and the only character-based thing that affects module reprocessing is the skill Scrapmetal Processing which increases the yield from 50% to 55%. POS bonuses have been nerfed, but null sec outposts might still have their minor bonuses. You can’t get 100% reprocessing/refining yields any longer.

If you want that extra 5% I could do it for you.

Alternatively there are loot buying services, but they usually operate on Jita buy prices which are probably around reprocess value. You could try a bulk sale via the forum or one of the (very quiet) bulk trade mailing lists, but that might take longer, and require more bump posts than order updates, than just selling the items in a hub, and the buyer would want a cut too.

All good info, TY everyone!

As Sabriz implied, it’s not like my Station Inventory is gonna run out of space… I can always just shelve the items until I have a better use for them. (Or make so much ISK that re-processing them for a loss isn’t an issue)

I will pile it up for a while and see, who knows, maybe CCP will make 75mm Gatling Railguns great again!

There is a limit - 1000 unique items. Beyond that you will need station containers.

A bunch of formerly bad meta items got made useful recently in Tiericide, and off-meta items sometimes find uses too (e.g. back when it was the best version of the item below storyline rarity, the Phased Muon Sensor Dampener I was mostly considered junk until Goons built a fleet doctrine around it).

Toss the contents of what you no longer want to own into an evepraisal (www.eveprasial.com) and choose a market you want to get a valuation for. Pick a number based on what you’re given back and then put up a contract for that.

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