Fire Sale Buyouts / Inventory cleaning service?

At one point there were some posts from a ‘Miss Fire Buyer’ (iirc), saying essentially ‘post me a contract with your excess inventory and I will pay you 50% of the EVEpraisal price of the list’.

I tend to pile up inventory I have no intention of selling/marketing, and if I just convert them to minerals to sell the losses are ridiculous. For example, one current inventory at a hub has:

334 items
13,125 m3 volume
EVE estimated value: 103 million ISK
EVEpraisal value: 93 million buy value, 168 million sell value

(standard items, armor, shield, weapon modules, scanners, ECM, cap/web/neut stuff, the usual)

I’m told the ‘standard approach’ is just, throw it all in a contract, mark it Fire Sale, price it low, get rid of it.

My questions:

  1. Is anybody offering a clearout service like Miss Fire Buyer did at one point?
  2. If I go with the ‘just throw it all on a Fire Sale contract’, what percentage of which appraisal would be standard? Do I need anything special in the contract name to allow fire sale buyers to spot it?
  3. Is it worth shipping stuff to Jita (prob with Red Frog or something) or should I just cart my own junk to the nearest hub and contract it there? I have considerable piles of stuff at all the hubs.

Any tips or advice, much appreciated! Thanks!

I can do this ( its not what i usually do) but i dont mind

Thank you, I was starting to think maybe I had used the incorrect forum section.

What percentage of which appraisal method (EVEpraisal Buy, Sell, or which other?) do you use? And are you able to do this in any hub or just select locations?

Eve praisal. And i use a mix or buy and sell depending on what items it is. ( praisal aint to reliable). i buy it of you and move it around where i want to sell it. pm me ingame

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