Fire Sale

Hey guys , i am selling those;

Pack 1

Pack 2

Pack 3 (NYX)

Pack 4 (AEON)
Loc: Aunenen II - Echelon Entertainment Development Studio (NPC Station)
Asking: 14,5b

Pack 5

Pack 6

i dont log in so much. i will check daily. eve-mail me

Just some advice on fireselling stuff. Usually you’d want them to be well below Jita buy, otherwise the buyer is probably better off just buying them in a buy order at Jita. Safer that way and no moving from an unknown, probably dangerous location if in lowsec.

thats not even a firesale


Can you remove “firesale” out if your title considering your asking prices are higher than the Jita buy prices?

And one more thing misaba is permacamped? I would not take the stuff there if it’s for free.

Prices lowered…

How much for absolutely everything?

1,3bil for Astra and Rait
Pithum A-Type Medium Shield Booster for both 490mio
Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System for all 430mio

4bil for pack 2

70b for all m8

still for sale guys

3.5b for everything in aydoteaux
13b for the aeon in aunenen
4.5b for everything in misaba

The real firesale is on tears.

pack 5 sold ty all

pack 1 sold ty ppl

Pack 2 and 3 sold ty again bump.

Pack 6 aold ty all

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