250bil worth of salvage


I was away from EVE for years. Now when i came back, to my surprise, i have 184bil worth of ONE salvage material and 70bil worth of others. They locate at high sec about 15 jumps from Jita. I’m baffled on how should i proceed with these items.

Sell them before the price drops? :thinking:

Yes, I’m planning to sell but i’m looking for an advice how to do it easily. I have a freighter but it would take me something like 150 trips to transport safely. It sounds too much of a work to me. I heard of Red Frog Industries could transport for me. Any other options? Would there be anyone willing to buy in bulk? But thats alot of Contaminated Lorenz Fluid to buy at once.

Red Frog or Push Industries for freight services.

Also as you have transmitted to the world how much iskies you are moving don’t use this character :slight_smile:

You will need to look at the daily volumes on all the salvage, as you could depress the market and not get the price. Up to you whether you want a quick sale or best price.

Try a sale post on the forums

Incoming salvage price crash.


I assume you have Contracting 5 trained (if not, use injectors to get it), and that your stock is mostly Contaminated Lorentz Fluid.

Put up 21 bundles as collateralized courier contracts small enough to fit in blockade runners (10000m^3, which IIRC is 1 million units salvage or less). Use public contracts (there are plenty of people that take on 5-20b contracts and their fees are stupidly low)

Ideally, post the contracts at 85-90% collateral. You want the haulers to break open the parcels and ‘steal’ the contracts, because your stock will sharply impact the market. Incentivise others to make ‘bulk purchases’ by offering them a ‘discount’.

If the goods make it to Jita, sell them via sell orders. Split the orders up (inject Wholesale 3 to get enough orders if needed). Single sell orders of tens of billions of ISK worth will have more impact on the market than multiple orders that add up to the same amount.

(Sidenote: I actively do this in reverse. I want to keep Light Neutron Blaster II down in price for the benefit of ganking friends, so I have a 10000 unit sell order posted in Jita at quite a high price. Everyone undercuts it.)

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