Best Faction for LVL 5 Agents

I know, i know, nobody, that knows stuff about LVL 5 missions, want to talk about them. And of course i am not writing on my main, because LVL 5 missions and stuff. But i couldnt find anything on my topic, so lets try it:

  1. Everyone knows, that there are LVL 5 missions!
  2. If you dont have a carrier and at least 2 different accounts, you shouldnt even brother with them!
  3. You need a few billion ISK to place Ships in differnt systems.
  4. You need a 7+ Faction standing.
  5. You need to cherrypick missions.
  6. You can make something between 200m and 1000m ISK/h. (bragging and stuff)
  7. LVL 5s are LowSec only!
  8. There are only 2 LVL 5 storyline missions!

You can find all this stuff with google, so i dont want to talk about that.
Send me ISK if you didnt know that, i saved you many hours of research time.

Now we can get to the topic!
“All Agents are equal, but some Agents are more equal than others.” - George Orwell

I will take DOTLAN to explain. There are 38 LVL 5 Agents.

Amarr [6], Caldari [9], Gallente [9], Minmatar [10],
Ammatar Mandate [2], Khanid Kingdom [2]
I didnt know about the last two, but i wanted to talk about the main factions.
Why has Amarr only 6 and Minmatar 10 Agents?

LVL 5s pay mostly in LP, so the payout depents on the system security level.
Amarr has 2 Agents in 0.2 sec space.
Caldari has 4 Agents in 0.3 sec space.
Gallente has 2 Agents in 0.1 sec space. (5 in 0.2)
Minmatar has 1 Agents in 0.2 sec space.

You will only care about missions, that you can blitz with an carrier, these spawn only in the same constellation. (does anyone know, why?) So you want a constellation with a low amount of LowSec systems (they cant spawn in HighSec). You also want an NPC-Station in each LowSec system, so you can dock your carrier.
Amarr has a min of 6 LowSec systems.
Caldari has a min of 3 LowSec systems. (Maila, 0.4)
Gallente has a min of 3 LowSec systems. (Aeschee, 0.2)
Minmatar has a min of 4 LowSec systems. ( Gulmorogod, 0.4) (Auner, 0.4)

I have great Caldari standing, so i tried nearly all Caldari LVL 5 Agents on SiSi or the live server. Not a single one offered me the missions “Breeding Facility” or “Operation Wormslyslayer” (they offered me 794 missions).
So Caldari is mission out on the two best LVL 5 missions? Why?

LP =/= ISK, we need to exchange them:
I checked Fuzzwork for the Buy-Exchange.
Gallente has by far the best exchange rate. The amount is changing, but it seems to be the best factions by a wide margin most of the time. (I checked the Navy Corps, they should have the same LP store for the whole Faction, right?)

So in conclusion Gallente gets the most LP for there Missions, can exchange there LP for the most ISK and have great mission hubs (Aeschee, Uphalla).

Is there any reason to fly for another faction at all?

Lv5 LP stores compete with FW bulk LP sales, if a faction spends extended time at high tier it can drop your lv5 income for faction specific items, right now gal/min are high tier.

Also the more you farm the more likely you are to crash a market. Looking at the LP prices I’m not really seeing a huge advantage for gallente LP. The drone damage amps are nice, but there’s not a ton of volume as the tag cost is higher than the Imperial navy version, so the IN DDA sells for less with more volume. Below that there’s a pretty sharp drop off, and it seems reasonably comparable to the other faction’s navy stores.

Lastly the more popular a system gets the more likely it is to attract hunters, that’s going to hurt profitability.

All that said Gallente still looks pretty nice, has a bunch of options in 0.1 and 0.2 systems. The increased LP from sec status is hard to ignore.

Caldari has an interesting area, 3 agents in 4 systems all with stations. With all those agents you will probably have more uptime than some other areas.

Amarr nothing really jumps out at me, but it doesn’t look too bad.

Minmatar doesn’t look great, but hey maybe that’s a good thing if you can stay under the radar. Also seems like Minmtar hits high tier FW pretty often so

Odd: Ammatar and Khanid both seem to have lv5 agents? LP trade is pretty dead for both corps, probably worth staying away.

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I checked 2 weeks ago, considering the possibility to go to LS doing L5s, and I found that amarr space was good. I even checked all the systems around to find the least kills.

I guess it changes a lot with time.

Like @Chainsaw_Plankton noted, the thing people don’t get, is that the volume of LP you can trade at a time is very limited.
However, this is also true for any faction : if you farm too much, you will kill your hourly gain. The thing is to spread your lp offers , and always sell them in SO long term. Just consider you must update your orders here and there …


I guess i should also add the mission pools. I tried nearly every single Caldari agent on Sisi, non of them gave me Breeding Facility or Wyrmslayer, which are propably the two best missions.
I didnt test it myself, but Gallente agents seem to offer these two great missions, which is a huge disadvantage.
I will edit this into my main post.

Also you talked about the FW LP stores. If you check the tiers, you can see, that Caldari is T1 and Gallente around T4 for a few weeks already. Gallente still offers the better exchange rates.

I think Caldari Navy gets to cash in right in Jita 4-4 though. Which is a huge convenience.

Cleansing fire too! Only takes 2 minutes.

I’m pretty sure all the factions give Wyrmslayer though… keep pulling.

Out of 794 pulled missions i got:
23 Cleansing Fire
50 The Fortress
6 Operation Wyrmsbane
152 Rogue Spy

It is possible, that they can spawn them and i am really, really unlucky, but as long as nobody saw it happen, i wont believe it.
I have no clue, why thats the case and i didnt found a single Caldari exclusive mission. If nobody has a good answer to this i will probably ask the support team.

im a big fan of the placid hubs myself

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I hear Lonetrek is safer…


Ammatar mandate also doesn’t give them

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Barleguet and Aulbres are the best systems to run missions in, since they give 113k LP for a rogue spy mission.

However, the most common mission is rogue spy, sometimes the agent gives the mission multiple times in a row(I do part one, but decline part two). For example, I did part one, rejected part two and got the same mission again. In Barleguet I got the rogue spy mission like 5 times in a row. This actually never happened with Level 4 mission. Probably this is a bug.

And has someone of you got preaching to the masses or alluring emanations? As those two seem to be blitzable as well

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Your kidding, this mission exists?
How does it pay? You need to kill a god damn frigate and tank 130 EHP/s? In a level 5 mission?
Let me guess, it is an Gallente exclusive mission?

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I did not know this. That’s pretty unfortunate. I’ve pulled a 1.3b imp off of Wyrmslayer before.

No I don’t think Gallente gives this one.


FYI, not sure what you guys do Breeding Facility in but try it in a Tornado. I used to do it with a cyclone and later a drake, but in a Tornado if you fit a sebo, and put your guns in two groups, you can blap the two closest breeding facilities and be done in the time it takes you to align back to station.

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