How to get Lvl 2 agent missions?

Have Connections and Social at level 3. Standing with Republic MIlitary School is 3.08 and standing with Minmatar is 1.5. Have already done at least 25 missions, is that not enough or?

The school does not provide normal missions. You should look for other Minmatar NPC corps, like:

and others. Your 1.5 Standing towards the Minmatar faction should open up all level 2 agents of all Minmatar NPC corps to you. For level 3 you need a standing of 3+ to an NPC corp or the Minmatar faction, for level 4 a standing of 5+. Be careful which missions you run and how much your standing towards Minmatar and Gallente improves, because at the same time Amarr and Caldari standings will deteriorate.

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Look in your neocom for the

  • Agent Finder tool

There are various filters you can set that will help you refine your agent search.
You may also want to look into What to do with your LP’s


You should probably also look for “The Plan” if you want info on how to avoid upsetting half the NPC factions.

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