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Hello. I have decided to start doing missions for the Sisters of Eve with my Minmatar pilot. I was researching which Corp I wanted to begin running missions for and came across this:

SoE is another great option, slightly lower isk/lp values but long term stability and the best agent in highsec.”

But there was no additional information as to who or where this agent is located. Does anyone have any information on this Agent?


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That is good information, thanks. However, I am still unsure which of those Agents might be “better” than the others. Does one of those SoE Agents give better rewards (i.e. ISK or LP) than the others for the same difficulty missions? Does one of them have a location advantage that the others don’t?

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The one in the system with lower truesc value gives the highest reward per mission, given a part is unindexed (typically the bounties and the item rewards).

The truesec is visible in dotlan when hovering the sec status of a system (ie EFU sec is 0.1 and truesec is 0.09xxxx)
However if he is close to a low/null sec system you may have to skip interesting missions.

Basically you need to compare agents in different corps using isk/lp (iplp) of the corp and reward/mission, typically isk/mission = uisk+(isk+indexedlp*iplp)*index . That gives you an agent comparison index (and some agents have huge difference in the index).

The iplp is up to you to decide, I make several values as : average monthly (mth), average weekly (wk), direct (sobo) ; for average values I also need to take into account the corresponding daily LP volume (eg for mth vol its total volume over last 30 days divided by 30), typically if volume is too low I make the iplp proportional to it. (eg for 500k lp iplp = raw * vol/(vol+500k) or iplp = raw * min(vol, 500k)/500k )
Basically for a simple iplp = sobo you have the lpstore site.

Those values can be computed automatically. That’s why we are playing spreadsheet online.

That really helps! So, if I understand this correctly, assuming I can move straight into Level 2 Security missions in High Sec once I complete the SoE epic arch, I should go see the SoE Agent Balmires Agrelins in Airaken as the TrueSec there is 0.50399 and then once ready for Level 3 Security missions, move to Simela where the TrueSec is 0.51395 and run missions for Pourpes Andonore.

yes but the difference in truesec does not play a lot over small periods.
ATM you rather spend your time trying to understand how the game works, so the ease of game by going close to a trade hub is more important than the small difference in indexed reward. Later on, when you blitz and you make in the 50M/h only based on indexed rewards, yes it will be nice to have a correct truesec.

BTW I expanded my explanations about how to compare agents in previous post.

I love spreadsheets! It’s what I do as a quantitative finance professional / data scientist. Looks like I get to do spreadsheets at home now too.

Thanks again for the data. I will spend some time preparing as I do the SoE epic arch and then go from there.


:rofl: you are the perfect eveguy. pretty sure you will do tons of spreadsheets. :wink:

considering that’s something I wrote it’s this one

honestly for lv2s I’d just go wherever is most convenient. Sounds like you are mostly just doing this part for the standings grind, the rewards are low enough I wouldn’t worry too much about them. Although even for a new player I’d probably recommend the same as they will grow past lv2s pretty quickly. I did Airaken as it was a few jumps from jita so it was super easy to get there.

You might just want to go to Simela as you need to go there for lv3s anyways. Depends on what you have to haul, Simela is pretty out of the way. Last time I went down there I only took 1 ship loaded with ammo and some extra drones, currently have no assets there.

I’ve been looking for that for years… FFS. Here I had some spreadsheet with every system’s truesec and was just looking them up there.

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Just ask me I can make you a csv format like of system name and corresponding truesec.

I use it in my mission reward analysis spreadsheets, in which I just write the name of the system and I use a vlookup to get the truesec and thus deduce the average base isk/lp of the missions.
Though I only use a small part so I go on dotlan to get it. but for general spreadsheet it’s better.

I got it from fuzzworks

All the systems are in the mapSolarSystems.csv

speaking of data, there’s a ton of eve data in that link :stuck_out_tongue: and use “Nakugard” as a system name. Put range of 1 jump and you will see most of Lanngisi surroundings. I tis true, that you will rearely get common mission in low sec (and you can cancel storyline, that often sends you there) but the red sky in metropolis is so toxic for the eyes and Barkrik is so large (no fun warping 120 + au in a battleship), that you probably can trysome other place / corp to work with.

that’s limited to nakugard and not really user-friendly.
When I say csv file I mean a plain csv file that contains all the truesec of all systems, and only that.

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