Sisters of Eve - LP to ISK conversion

I’ve returned to EVE after about 1 year break and decided to jump into good old missioning. I’ve been running missions for Sisters of EVE and at some point I decided it’s time to turn my LP to ISK. As I did back in the days, I just took Stratios blueprints from the LP Store. But guess my surprise when I saw those new components needed to create Stratios. And the price for them is sky high.
How do you guys turn your LP to ISK now after the April industry changes? I suppose the obvious answer is probes and probe launchers. But the rate is about 1 LP to 1k ISK which is not what I was expecting when I started missioning.
Hope there is a way to do this with a higher rate.

what you expected and the reality may not match.

You can still do as if reality was not important. I believe your understand why it is bad.

Do your homework. No one will give you free isk and ruin their own market

actually people do.

So yeah, 1k isk/LP

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I was referring to:

Since he knows it’s about 1k isk/LP I guess he made his homework, somehow.

take a year break, things change, expectations don’t hold

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To be honest, the isk/LP conversion rate has been going down for as long as I am doing missions. At the moment I am only selling if I absolutely have to.

I switched from SoE to another corporation. So many people run SoE missions that they don’t have the greatest LP to ISK conversion rate. I mean, its not bad… but I found a few corps that are better.

and yea it’s been pretty steadily dropping for a while, though the faction ship build prices really messed up a lot of the volume for LP surging cashouts for probes/launchers and tanking the prices.

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