Comprehensive isk/lp comparison

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I’m sitting on few hundred thousand CONCORD LP and looking to sell it when necessary. I’ve found resources that compare the isk/lp of the CONCORD LP, but are there any ways of finding the isk/lp of CONCORD LP if I were to convert to other faction LPs? Checking the isk/lp and multiplying by 0.8 for each of the 30-40 empire factions would be very very tedious. Thanks in advance :upside_down_face:

find an NPC corporation that has LP-ISK conversion rate that satisfies you and then convert. Be advised that best conversion rates are in modules’ blueprints, but you have to triple check whether or not you can buy materials and tags to produce those items and market demand for those items in various trade hubs. ISK/LP rate greatly depends on your ability to procure all required materials and tags for cheap.

Yes it is tedious, but i doubt players are willing to share their “best” corporations just for someone who will be their competitor and destroy the lucrative ISK/LP rate for those corps.

Yeah, fair point. I’ll have to do it manually when I get the chance then. Do all the subsets of the empire factions have a trade in rate of 0.8 too? Stuff like Amarr Constructions?

There are some sites that can help with calculations, but their prices are usually outdated and or dont take into account trading intricacies - using buy and sell orders properly.

Also it might be a good idea to find a buyer for your Concord LP - concord capital modules are quite good.

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Convertion rates are 0.8 or 0.4, so to get your values of Concord LP when converting you’ll just have to multiply it by the rate, example: if you use the average 1300 ISK/LP then when converting it’s 1300 * 0.8 = 1040 ISK/LP or as low as 520 ISK/LP.

Yes, but other racial LP stuff sells for more, and with the low volume of the concord lp store it may be more profitable to take the 20% lp loss and sell at higher isk/lp

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