With the Eve Agents site seemingly dead, the in game agents options not being that great and the massive limitations on agents shown with the agency is there any online resource that anyone is aware of that will provide good agent searches.

Essentially I am trying to find a high concentration of multiple level 3 or level 4 agents of the same npc corp within one system, and I am struggling to find a way that will narrow this down with any ease.

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Neocom (U) - Business - Agent finder. And you can filter the corps and you will see the systems too.

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As mentioned in the OP, the ingame options are bad/limiting so I am looking for resources outside of the game. Eve Agents used to be the place to go but that no longer exists.

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Huh, it was working earlier in the week as I linked it in the thread about The Agency to show CCP how it should be done,

Is not one of @Chribba 's sites ?

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@Chan_aar I thought it was a Chribba site but when i looked on it it has a domain for sale banner page and no content, unless he just has not renewed the domain name

Ahh yes, revisited and at the top it says

NOTICE: This domain name expired on 12/20/2017 and is pending renewal or deletion.

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@chribba - Your eve agents site’s domain has expired.

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Well that’s a shame, I used that site quite extensively, even after the in-game agent finder was implemented.

I haven’t used this site yet but it does look very similar to how Eve-Agents was set up:

You should be able to get (almost) the same info/search options from dotlan… go alliances->agents

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I found a way to do it a bit easier, if you go to map and find available agents, it will color code how many agents are available to you in each system.

UNFORTUNATELY, it doesn’t help when you don’t have the standing to see them yet. So in that case you have to manually go through each corp and start tallying up systems.

If that agent finder webpage is dead and the CCP not willing to stop curating our content in their terrible tools, Dotlan is indeed the best choice. It is still way worse than the currently available agent finder because you have to check individual corps for agent locations. also provides a list of agents but without filter options.

In essence: CCP screws us up, but that’s nothing new.

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A cached version is available at


thanks Chribba

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