List of ALL Mission Agents (not special agents)

Hello all.

I am looking for a source with all the mission agents in game on it, preferably in a spreadsheet format.

I did have one before but I have lost it - perhaps it was saved on my old PC.

I am aware that there are things like dotlan and eve-agents, but these do not allow to me to look at the raw data without inputting certain factors first (e.g. corp name or place) - I am specifically looking for the raw data itself so I can manipulate it in a spreadsheet to find what I am looking for (which is a list of all stations with multiple level 4 agents in the same station).


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aprox one year ago i find a marvelous system in High sec domain, and later checking if exist same situation in lvl4 missions system, i find the fastest way was to open with right click and check with right click. Myself doing currently missions lvl distribution for puller status ( i sell my pullers some weeks ago ) and really the lvl4 filter you say is not precise. You dont say if is secutiy / mining / desitbution.

In distribution way, only few systems have two agents in gigh sec, only one three ( isamm ) and trust me,. open in a broswer tab for each of the npc corporations is faster. You can copy in an excel the information you get, or inother case, check the SDE in third party forum

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Tbh I am interested in all three types of mission. Been playing this game for nigh on 13 years now and I find a bit of variety in my PVE helps me stay interested rather than just doing the same type of mission over and over (which tends to bore me quite quickly and often leads me to extended AFK absences). I already have a few low sec stations with multiple level 4 agents in them but I have found them through the method you describe on dotlan, likewise a number of high sec systems with multiple agents in the same system, but rarely the same station - I’d rather not have to manually click on all 3,600 systems to find the answer I am looking for.

I did find the post below on reddit, but it says you have to use the static database dump and SQL which is frankly beyond my abilities; and like I say, I did have this spreadsheet before so I was hoping someone else knew where I could find it.

Likewise there is also this list, but looking at it, I think they are all level 4 high sec security which is a part of what I am looking for but not the whole. I’d rather be able to manually sort through all mission types in all security space (not just high sec).

[edit] do appreciate your response though.

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I can do that list for you, once I’m back from vacation.

You can get the data from the SDE, though it still refers to concord agents (which are not available)

I guess you want the list of stations which have at least two agents of the same level+type (eg security l3 or distribution L4)), and also which levels are greater or equal to 3

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Exactly that would be perfect, thank you!

[edit] if you can include system name and if possible constellation name (so I can see what is near what without looking it up) that would be great too. Also system security too!

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grouped by security status, then sorted by system


You’re both a gentleman and a scholar.

Thank you!

I’m making it grouped by security status, then mission type

also discard previous ones, because I considered L5 as being L4 (using if level>3)
sorry for the bug, I am on vacations so I don’t have my wokstation.


That last one is much clearer, thanks again.

Have sent you a gratuity to express my appreciation.

TY for the (500M?) isks, I did not expect to be paid butt it’s nice to feel helpful :slight_smile:

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BTW tell me if you need the CSV. It’s easy to do and I can provide a CSV of all the (secstatus, station, division, level, quantity) upples.

with more informations.

paste in a a .csv file, and import it in your spreadsheet editor of choice.


Great for all of us, many thanks !

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