Its seems my lvl 4 mission agent is now only giving me lvl 1 missions anyone have any idea what the hell is going on. 9.7 rep so thats not the issue.

I’ve seen this complaint from people running distribution level 4s, but not from security or mining but, hey, It’s CCP…

I’m running security missions and have had to move systems the agent is completely broken, a bug report has been filed.

What agent are you using? USIA runners have not reported this, but I can ask them.

Ofylur Woligabet lvl 4 agent out of Hakeri XI - moon 14 - Sebiestor Tribe Bureau in the Panorad system of stars Metropolis. effective standing 9.7 Currently offering Avenge a fallen comrade objectives lvl 1 rewards currently 120 lp and 95k isk plus another 96k isk for a timely completion.

Working as intended as part of the ongoing future shift of L4 out of highsec and the rebalancing of risk vs reward by CCP.

Citation needed


His last name checks out; haven’t been ANY official announcements about mission changes.


Mission agent back to normal after DT now i have to move back, oooohhh you cruel mistress CCP. Thanks for replies. o7.

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