Unable to get mission from agent

So it shows as having access for lvl 4 agent standings are;
Agent standing 3.6

Corporation standings 5.2

Other standings toward that corporation 1.59

So what am I missing, is it the agent standings?

Why is it showing as available but cannot access?


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If you are an Alpha Clone then the ability to accept Level 4 and Level 5 missions was removed from Alpha due to abuse as part of the March update.

From the March 12th release notes:

Missions & NPCs:

  • Level 4 and 5 Agent missions are now only accessible for Omega Accounts

If not, then log out, log back in. If it’s still an issue then raise a ticket from within the game - doing it from in game gives CCP some more information to work with. They won’t address issues in forum, the ticket system is the right place for this.

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Thanks for the reply, will try logging, definitely omega.

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On the offhand, could it be a storyline or event agent?

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Also the Faction needs to be above -2.00 standing for access to level 2 and higher agents.

But I’m inclined to agree with @Anderson_Geten that a relog is required, clearing all cache files in Esc menu should help.

IMO it’s because the game caches the “no” from the agent for an infinite duration. That is, when the client asks the mission to the agent, if the agent says “non” the client then will always store that previous “no” and return that “no” instead of asking to the server.

So, in essence, the same mechanics my wife uses?..:grinning:


Well, what was the answer/solution? Did you get them to work with you?

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Yes, log out, then in, it reset.

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the same mechanism as your wife’s anger so …

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It worked for me,too! :wink:

You disconnected and she was okay ? Nice to know …

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