Why won't this agent talk to me?

I am ready for L4 Amarr missions but the agent keeps telling me that I don’t have the proper standings to talk to him. This is what it says that I need to talk with him.

This is what I have:

I have over 5.0 standing with his corp Imperial Navy so I am confused on why I cannot talk with him to start level 4 missions.

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I’ve seen similar issues like this on an alt, I’d suggest logging an in-game bug ticket.



Sometimes the Server doesn’t update and acknowledge that the Client has the required standings. In the past a simple re-log would get that all straightened out.

I suggest clearing all cache files in the ‘Reset Settings’ tab of Esc menu.

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just relog. The client caches the access to agents longer than you standing.

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Thank you! Re-logging did the trick. I learn something new in Eve everyday!!

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