Level 4 Missions

I am running level 4 missions with my alt and have recently discovered a location that has multiple level 4 agents in it which I am tempted to move to, however it is one jump from null sec. Would the agent send me into null sec for missions. I know that if you border low sec you can be sent to low sec, but not sure about null.

:red_circle: There are probably some missions that go into null sec. However, I think I know where you are and in that place I would not run missions that take you out of the system anyway.

Indeed, i wouldnt take them (suicide missions lol) but wasnt sure if they sent you there as they do into low sec sometimes

:red_circle: Burners will definitely send you into null from there. But there should be more than enough mission offers from the agents that stay in the system, even if you have to decline lots of them.

You might want to think about bringing a BS or other ships which you use into a station in each neighboring low sec system so that you can take these missions too and just fly there in a frigate or pod.

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i realy would like know the system

I dont know if it’s the one the OP is talking about, but I know Hophib has a ton of lvl 4 security agents

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