Info found - close plz


I’ve set new goals for myself both short and long term in Eve and therefore been working on a spreadsheet which can help me keep track on the various factions and their companies.

If I open the Agency “Agents & Missions” tab and select the following:

Agent type: Any
Agent level: Any
Location: Any Distance
Security Status: Any Security
Faction: I pick the 1 I want
Ignore standings requirements: Checked

The under Corp should be all corps including those without agents or are some hidden?

Im counting 138 corps with high sec agents including Paragon but without the 4 faction warefare companies. can do that for you

In game you have your interactions tab that does what you are trying to do as well

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I dont think any of those show me all available high sec corps in game in combination with the faction they are representing together with my current standing and the available lvl of agents on the same page.

I have to mash through a lot different pages to get a clear idea…or else Im not using them correct :joy:

Atleast I got to teach myself some of Sheets functions :sweat_smile:

Closed as per OP’s request.