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What happend to the Agent Finder? The Agency does not allow you to find the agents you need. Quagmire.


It was replaced by The Agency, which as you have noticed, has a tendency to not show you the agents you are looking for as the search returns are capped at just 12. Unless it is returning less than 12 agents, you cannot trust it and I would suggest using an out of game tool.

Yes, CCP was made aware of this multiple times before they removed the Agent Finder, as have the CSM, but yet here we are with a replacement tool that lacks the functionality of its predecessor.

Maybe try this?

or this:


Thanks for info. This is just stupid. The Agent Finder did the job.

Neither Dotland, EVE-Agents or any other app ( I know of ) can provide me with the intel I need.

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You might be able to find the raw data somewhere in here and sort it out yourself:

but otherwise you are out of luck it seems.


What’s the intel you need?

I need to find the location of a storyline agent, in order to run the 16th mission in the right place.


The fact is, even narrowing down the search to a particular corp doesn’t return reliable results because:

  • Only 12 results returned, and this is made even worse by:
  • Inability to filter by available/unavailable
  • Inability to filter by system security level
  • Probably others that slip my mind at the moment (but the above are bad enough.)
  • [EDIT] The issue is further compounded if the player wants to work on a particular faction, irrespective of corp, and would like to evaluate the merits of all possible agents - simply not possible, again due to the 12-result limit.

In addition, the entire interface is clunky. One of the most annoying hindrances is the fact that on a HD screen, we are limited to these absurdly stunted little drop-menus that we then have to frantically wind our mouse-wheels in (or try to hit a narrow scroll-bar) - totally unnecessary and, frankly, really poor design from a “cyber-ergonomics” (cybergonomics? :stuck_out_tongue: ) standpoint.

I have tested The Agency’s agent-finding deficiencies with mission agents that I had (thankfully!) previously saved, and found that all-too-often I couldn’t find them, even though I know where they are, unless I travelled there. This means, of course, that there are situations where I’m not receiving useful/needed information that I do NOT already possess…!


I think this is always the available(not having another storyline already),same security type(HS for HS, LS for LS), one of the same faction closest to the location of the 16th mission.

hrm. harder, unfortunately. I’m not sure storyline is exposed anywhere.

I used this to find Storyline Agents within specific NPC Corp, then check location of all regular Agents (all Divisions) in that Corp to find Agent located nearest to the Storyline Agent. Takes a bit of time but it works.


This thread might be of assistance:

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So for example I’m doing missions in high sec for a level 3 Thukker Mix Agent in Derelik Region, I load up that Agent finder app in my browser and select Storyline Agent, Thukker Mix Corp, Derelik Region. I get a list of 3 Storyline Agents available, 2 located in low sec and 1 located in high sec, Zemalu system.

I then load that app on another page in my browser and select level 3 Agents, Thukker Mix Corp, Derelik Region and get a list of 4 regular Agents available, 3 located in low sec and 1 located in high sec, Ibaria system.

I then load up Dotlan maps in another browser page, Derelik Region, and see that Zemalu system is 2 jumps away from Ibaria system.

Granted that’s an easy example since there’s not a lot of Thukker Mix Agents in Derelik Region but it shows how that app can work.

While this is a “workable” ummm… workaround for many (and thanks for sharing it, btw!), it’s not a solution for those players (yes, such as myself) who like to immerse themselves within the game and not refer to external sources. Being forced to do so is… “less than ideal” (the polite version, heheheh) and compromises the game experience for such players.

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Just look at it as the players doing a better job with CCP’s data than CCP can do.


Hmm, I wasn’t 100% clear - anything that requires Alt-TABbing out of the game is immersion-breaking. If said player-driven functionality was available in-game, it might be a different story.

Agree that moving outside the game for info/analytics can be immersion breaking. However its not like agent finder is unique in that regard.

In my time in EVE a usable agent finder has been a 3rd party product for ~1/2 the time. Its not going to revert anytime soon so learn how to get along like you predecessors.:slight_smile:

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Well it sort of was, but then CCP removed the in game browser.

But yes I do get your point and I agree, The Agency is a slow, expensive pile of junk compared to the old Agent Finder.

There is a thread somewhere about a PvE roundtable to be hosted by @Jin_taan. Head over there and post your concerns.

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Ummm, what? The previous Agent Finder that was removed and partially replaced by limited functionality in The Agency fulfilled all my needs. So I WAS “getting along” just fine until it was recently truncated to a pale shadow of its former self.

Thanks for that heads-up, I’ll take a look around - good time in light of the downtime :smiley:

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The agent finder version you are pining for was only around for 6ish years. There has been more time without it than with.

What’s the saying? “Sweet Summer Infants…”

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For a long time there was no ‘Agent Finder’ available within the game. That app and ‘workaround’ I posted was the normal ‘go to’ action for most players. The same thing with Ghost Fitting, Eve Wiki info, Mission Reports, etc.

There’s no need for alt tabbing, just play the game in windowed mode and have your browser resized to accommodate viewing the game. Besides, it only takes a few minutes to research the location of the Agent in the ‘workaround’ I posted, definitely easy to do when docked.