How to repair my corporation's standings with Amarr to rejoin Militia?

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I accidentally disrupted a friend’s warp drive while he was teaching me how to play, and while enlisted with the Amarr Militia. I got my corporation kicked out of the Militia for this mistake.

I decided to fix my standings. I just spent three or four days improving my standings with the Amarr Empire, only to realize all that work - while it improved my personal standings - did nothing to bring my corporation’s standing with Amarr from -.02 to 0.

So how do I fix my corporation’s standings, specifically?

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Okay… so…

Corporation standings take a day or three to update.

So take your time, relax. Go out and help your friend and gain standings in the interim.
You don’t have to be in the militia to assist the militia. :slight_smile:

More often than not… people in the various militias have a -5.0 security status… which means that you can shoot at them without fear of losing your own security status.

Alternatively, you can play a support role and either heal, provide boosts, scout, harass, and generally fly about to assist your friend.

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Enlisting a player corporation into Factional Warfare takes effect after the next downtime. As with solo players, the player corporate standing must be 0.0 or greater towards the empire they wish to fight for.

Player corporate standing is an average of it’s members individual standings. Player corporate standings are calculated with the unmodified standings of each member, not standings modified by Social skills. A character with no standing, for example towards Caldari State, is not calculated as “0” but is completely removed from the equation. The player corporate standings will gradually increase or decrease over the course of 7 down-times until they reflect the average of all members.

The player corporate standing is determined by adding all members base/unmodified Faction standing and then dividing that total by the amount of members who actually have Faction standing. Let’s say there are 5 members in your corporation, you have Caldari standing of 5.0, Petey has 3.22, Jim Bob has 7.3 and everybody else has neutral/0.00 Faction standing. Your corporate standing total would be (5.0 + 3.22 + 7.3)/3 = 5.17 standing with Caldari Faction.

Player standings are basically recalculated almost immediately after they change. Player corporate standings are recalculated at each downtime.

Hope that helps, good luck and may you have much success.

This old thread has some more info available:

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Yeah, dude, I did all those missions and my standings are gradually increasing each night.

So strange. You learn something new about Eve every time you go to do something fresh.

Thanks for everything, folks. Michael, I added you in-game the other day.

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