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Hi there.

Although my character is quite old i didn’t really start to play EVE properly until late 2017. I’ve sort of got to grips with how things work correctly with standings but i am having trouble with something and wondered if you’re able to help.

Basically i want to try and get my empire faction rep with all the 4 major groups to be above 5.0.

I know how to go about getting the reputation via data centres, tutorial starter missions, story missions, COSMOS etc.

However, i know i have done one of the Caldari COSMOS missions and i recently did the data centres for Amarr and Ammatar Mandate.

I believe i may have done some of the Caldari data centre missions but i have no way to check and i don’t want to buy / farm the tags to find out i’ve done them already and i don’t want to talk to the agent without having the tags to begin with.

Is there any way to track whether i’ve done the following mission types:-

  • The 12 tutorial starter missions (3 for each faction)
  • COSMOS missions
  • Data Centre hand ins and follow up quests
  • Circle agents (ones that follow the Data Centre missions)

Kind regards.

The other way you can achieve your goals is with the epic arcs. Each empire has an epic arc. You have to grind standing with one of their corporations and the. You can do the mission. It gives you a huge factions standing upon completion.

Thanks for the reply @Xeux i have never done any of the epic arc missions so i know those won’t need checking yet for me :slight_smile:

That was a weird goal of mine back when I started EVE. I then drifted away to WH space. Then took a few years off. Now that I’m back I have been finishing up. I’m not 5 with 2 of the 4 and will have that done next month. I just did it via the epic arcs. Don’t forget the SOE one as well as it gives a boost to the faction of your choice.

You can also use this most excellent plan by @DeMichael_Crimson

It is alot for repairing faction standings but the same ideas apply for getting them all up.

@Derath_Ellecon, thanks for tagging my name and for linking ‘The Plan’.


Now about the OP’s question:

Well that’s a very tall order to fill and will require a bit of work on your part to get the results. First, never talk to any of those ‘Special’ agents until you’re actually ready and prepared to accept and complete their missions.

Ok now that the warning has been stated, you can check the agent list in the ‘Interactions’ tab of the character page. However I’m not sure if that’s completely accurate. Sooo, the best way that I know on how to see if you’ve actually interacted with an Agent in the past is to open their own info box and check the ‘Standings’ tab which will show the Agents standing towards you.

Positive standing means you’ve interacted and completed a mission for the agent. Negative standing means you’ve interacted and failed a mission for the agent. Neutral or 0 standing means you haven’t interacted with the agent yet.

OK, simple enough. Now here’s where the work comes in. You’re going to have to make a list of all those different agents and then do a search in-game, open up their info box and check their standings towards you.

List of Agents Names:

And here’s some links to threads where I also posted info:

And that’s about it. If there’s an easier way to check I’m sure somebody will post it.
Good luck to you.

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And that’s why I just focused on repeating epic arcs. It takes longer but was less effort :slight_smile:

Yeah, definitely takes effort to find out where you left off.

Back when I was creating and working ‘The Plan’ in 2009 to 2010, I stopped for a while and forgot which agent I was working so I had to figure out a way to find it. After I found where I left off, I then started keeping a log with the names and levels of all the completed ones so I wouldn’t have to go through it again.

Thank you for all the replies. I’ll go ahead with the epic arcs and noting the agents down :slight_smile:

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