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Good day i am a player that encounter some things .
When i kill a rat in a combat site like we tell a simple anomally i lose faction standings and no corporation so it affect only a faction and no a specific corporation of this faction .
Now when i go to mine a asteroid belt and kill a rat spawn i lose corporation standings and no faction standings .
Why in the asteroid belt i lose corporation standings and in combat site i lose faction ?
If i do other combat sites like we tell a escalation i will lose faction or corporation standings ?
In incursion i lose vorporation or faction standings ?

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I ran many of them and my True Sansha and True Creations standings are still untouched. You lose only faction standing.

I have been running those, too. You only lose faction standing. Funny thing: My Archangels corp standing is slightly positive, while my Angel Cartel standing is at -10.

HAve you shot NPC with a small diamond in front of their name? If yes, they are different NPC from the normal NPC and are corp specific things instead of faction things.

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So if i do only combat sites , ded complex etc. , and do not touch those on mining belts that are from a corporation it will stay untouched my corp atandinga ?

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Yes for the most part.

Corporation standing is affected with the NPC Mining Fleets - new content CCP had added a while back. Basically they’re Mining ships and Haulers. If you attack them or have negative standings with them, they will warp out and a response attack fleet will warp in. On the flip side of that, supposedly if you have positive standings with them they will repair your shields and armor.

When attacking the regular 2 or 3 Pirate NPC combat ships that warp in to asteroid belts (same with exploration sites, missions, Cosmos, etc) only the Faction standing is affected. No response attack fleet is associated with them either.

I do not mine anymore but i ask cuase i want to know more do not touch them . So if i do only combat sites the corporation standings will be untouched

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