Loss of standings due to kills of players in NPC corporation

Does anyone know details of standing loss caused by the offensive behavior towards players in NPC corporations ?

I recently was involved in two kills of players in the NPC corporation as aggressors.

The first case was against who belongs to the School of Applied Knowledge, in the lowsec system, during the Winter Nexus.
The victim was inside the event sites ded space and we engaged them illegally. ( The victim was not suspect and we attacked them, getting suspected )
Despite I did not touch his pod, I got major standing loss of SAK. ( -0.6 )

The second case was in the anoikis ( J-space ).
We killed a paladin and its pod belong to Royal Amarr Institute in the w-space, the target was not suspect as well.
However it did not cause standing loss of RIN.
I didn’t get flagged as suspect this time of course due to the place the case happened.


According to the Uni-wiki, it only refers that pod kills cause standing loss. However eventually the pod kill in the J-space didn’t bring me the standing loss at least in this case.
I guess the standing losses are tied to the legality of attacks, but what’s the deal ?

Yes, you lose standing with the corp of the pilot you kill, be it an NPC or a player char. I’m actually -10 with my own corp … lol. Usually you can ignore it for player NPC corps, with a few exception, where good terms to NPC corps are required for missions or trade hub fees. Brutor Tribe is an annoying example as it’s required for the Minmatar epic arc start.

You have to deal with it.

While aggressing players in lowsec will not summon an invincible police force, the security penalties still apply. This penalty is part of what makes low security ‘low’ instead of ‘none’.

In nullsec (including wormholes) the sec status penalties are not applied.

You killed Alice Fry in a low security system, you got a sec penalty. You killed Merz Zateki in a null security system, you did not get a sec penalty.

… just want to mention that the question has nothing to do with security status, but NPC corp standing.

Oh, dur. That’s what I get for trying to answer questions right after waking up.

I’m not sure about OP’s second example, afaik the standing loss is not related to the circumstances and space of the kill (in contrast to sec status). But I’m not following this closely, I get a lot of standing loss toast messages. :wink:

To adjust your standings you have a few options, Missions , Skills , and clone tags. The first option can generate player interference to your activities, the last 2 are unpreventable. I keep a supply of clone tags just incase , because to be locked out of high sec is never an option.

I’m almost -10 with several NPC corps due to PVP, and haven’t experienced any side effects. I assume I can’t dock in those stations anymore, but I didn’t want to dock my -10 sec status character in a 1.0 HS system anyway.

Thank you for response space nerds.
Yeah, the standing loss actually doesn’t give much cons aside lore reasons, however the problem is those NPC corporations are mostly courier companies, thereby making it pretty much painful to restore their standings again.
For some lore reason, I’d love to maintain all the companies standings over -2.0, thus it would be advisable if I can avoid the standings loss for some means.

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