With the NPC pod killing reduction

With the NPC pod killing in high and low sec in effect is there any chance there might be an easier way to get something like this

cleaned up?

Standings repair plan doesnt cover these groups especially blowing them up fair and square in high sec. The one that hurts the most are the FW militia members pods as it does limit the ability to pvp in any of them later on.

Just curious if anything has been planned.

relevant text https://www.eveonline.com/article/pbgg7h/patch-notes-for-july-2018-release

Yep, I asked the same. No reply from CCP yet, but players questioning how exactly this could be done.

Maybe it’s time for a general amnesty.

I’ve actually been away from the game for quite a while, and when I logged back into the game the other day, I was no longer KOS for Deep Core Mining. I landed in a belt with them and they didn’t warp off or summon a fleet, so I assumed something had changed, or maybe my standings went back to neutral? So I checked, and nope, -6.something. But they didn’t come after me. They’re not even red on grid anymore, they’re back to white icons.

I’m actually really glad they’re fixing this, it’s an affirmation of sorts. I was one of the first people to bring up the problem of standings losses with NPC corps from killing players in them, resulting in becoming KOS to DCM even though you’d never attacked one of their mining fleets. I got scoffed at by carebears for it, and now it’s being fixed.

I definitely agree a standings reset should be in order for those still KOS as well. +1

I would love to see KOS or suspect ships have zero standings hit for NPC corps. Both capsules and ships. As today I still got the -7.5 standings hit for podding someone.

You want to play the villain than automatically I am a hero by killing you and this shouldnt incur standings hits at all.

This would change up the FW iterations too as if CCP ever introduced the suspect flag upon entering plexs this would mean zero standings loss to aggress a pirate as well in low.

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Another thing to consider is why the right upstanding NPC corps defend or even put up with members who go about doing shady stuff (gaining negative standings) while wearing their colors. I realize it’s game mechanics that you’re either in a player or NPC corp, but why would any NPC corp want members that drag down their reputation? Maybe it’s time to have NPC “criminal” corps? I’m sure I’ve seen it suggested before.

No probably not, since this answers your question please stop posting in this thread.

Thank you and have an nice day! :smiley:

As a Killer ( As a Player ) Of Many of peoples over the years, many of them being in NPC Corps, This would be something interesting. I’m moving this over to the Player Features and Ideas discussion for better viewing.

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Thank you very much.

And yeah it does hurt all those standings quite a bit and as CCP adds new content it doesnt necessarily make sense to lock players out of possible PvP conflicts through huge standings hits with certain players just because they avoided player corps. Early on in Eves life cycle I could see the reasons for it but less so now.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO everyone hates me and I like it!

The only hate I at times dislike is the FW standings. It really eliminates any future attempts into any faction for only suspect or KOS kills.

How in the hell did you get everybody to hate you equally???

Easy!! Shoot them all equally often!! Pod pod pod at will.:joy::heart_eyes::smiling_imp:

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