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Is there a way to tell how my standings to a specific NPC corp got tanked? I have a 2003 toon whose standing to The Scope is -1.3726. But The Scope is his default corp! It doesn’t really matter since his Gallente faction standing is very high, but it’s curious that this particular corp has lower standings than to Guristas Pirates, and I’ve run plenty of missions vs Guristas with this toon over the years.

Co-Head of the United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA] here.

If you repeatedly fail missions, or let them expire after accepting them, or decline multiple (non-burner) missions from the same agent within a 4 hour window, or gank NPC diamond mining rats belonging the respective corp (if applicable), then you will tank your standings.

Yeah, no. I may have failed or expired a single mission years ago for The Scope (because I got tired of missioning and stopped playing with a mission active), but it’d have been pre-2010, and possibly as long ago as 2006, based on employment history reminding me of what this toon was doing in the dim past. Obviously, nothing shows in the Interactions tab on the character sheet.

Does The Scope even have any diamond rats?

If you pod kill other players that are in this NPC Corp then it hurts your standings.

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I pulled up the list of NPC corps that field ships - Scope is not among them. Have you ever failed a storyline mission? That would be devastating. You could have gotten and subsequently failed a Scope Storyline while missioning for a different corp since storyline agents don’t have to match the corp you missioned for in order to trigger the storyline.

That might be it. I found a pod kill on zkillboard for a player in Federal Navy Academy with which my standing is -0.4978. I’ve also got negative standings for several other NPC corps I’m sure I never ran missions for, but only skip kills, including a couple of ship kills for players in The Scope. These were in the 2009-2011 time frame, when I was in Gallente Militia. If my fleet killed the pod but I wasn’t on the pod killmail could that affect standings? The kill reports are so old the ship’s fitting is listed under “Corporate Hangar” not on the ship. Perhaps they are too old to reliably link the ship kill to the pod kill. I got many PvP kills in the very old days when killmails were actual EVE mails, and there was no API for it.

That’s probably the most likely explanation. Thanks!

@Xeux is correct. Omission on my part :sweat_smile:. Gankers beware!

It just shows where your head is at, Archie.

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