Pod-killing of NPC corp members

In the patch notes for 10th July it says…


  • The standings penalty for podkilling a player in an NPC corp has been reduced significantly.

Is there an official explanation by a dev for why this is being done?


CODE complained their “content” was too hard.

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Gankers don’t care about sec status anyway, so it’s kinda pointless…


It’s not a bad change, but not necessary or good in any way. It was a hard penalty for newbie gankers, that had very little knowledge of the game mechanics.
But it forced them to learn and adopt quickly to how to play at -5 to -10 sec status, which was good.

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EDIT: If this is about CONCORD standings, not empire faction standings, then a different penalty for NPC corp members makes even less sense. As far as CONCORD should be concerned, a pod is a pod.

What is the point of NPC corps anyway? Being in a corp when you’re not in a corp has lots of annoying, and probably unintended, side-effects, such as pilots in the same NPC-corp being filtered out as “friendlies” in the overview if you don’t make adjustments every time you join or leave a corp, etc.

If we want to associate players without a player corp with empire factions, at least make it based on standings, or make it possible to choose an NPC corp (limited by standings). I don’t think the Minmatar Republic would be too sad about me getting podded (neither should be the Amarr, as I haven’t flown a mission in ages), so any standing loss should be based on the poddee’s (is this a word?) standings, and that again should be apparent in what NPC corp they belong to, so the podder can make an informed decision.

Thank Bob. This had been one of the biggest annoyances of killing suspect logi pods


Interested as well, was kind of a … wait, what? moment when reading the notes.

Kinda like if it said “On July 12 every active EvE account will have a quarter beaver available in the item redemption system.”

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This is nice!

… twenty one days later. oops.

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It could be to do with Faction Warfare, IIRC killing a pod from an NPC corp anywhere while in FW hammers empire standings.

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Well I was killing suspect where I found them looting wrecks and so. NPC corp guy and ended up loosing NPC corp standings when I podded them for good measure as well. Because you know… flashy yellow pod in NPC corp.

Only realized that was happening when I started noticing I saw less and less level 4 Locator agents and one I normally used at my HQ was no longer available. So yeah. I am ok with that. To be honest if you are suspect and in a NPC corp, there should be no penalty.


Yeah, noticed it started happening after a while agressing/killing npc corp players deployable in event sites, I expect podding them would incure something much more severe.

Not sec status, standings penalty.

It’s about faction standings, not security status. This is pretty irrelevant for suicide ganking or CODE. as suicide gankers usually don’t care about empire standings.

It used to be that for podkilling a player in an NPC corp one would get a significant standing hit with the faction that NPC corp belongs to. I always found this rather stupid, because that would mean one had to check if a pilot belonged to an NPC corp before destroying their pod if one didn’t want to wreck empire standings, as otherwise one might get locked out of Missions, Locator Agents and Faction Warfare.

And being locked out of those for killing Pods in PvP is just silly. I think those things should not be connected at all, and apparently so does CCP now.

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There is a funny story about this.

The complain about this was in the room for years from lowsec players who would get standing hits when killing an NPC corp player. I noticed this two. Even when you get attacked by an NPC corp player and you just defend yourself you still got the corp standing hit. I lost access to a few locator agents myself this way. It did not matter if the pilot was suspect or criminal at all.

But obviously this was just ignored and carebear apologists told us to suck it up.

Then one fine day @Remiel_Pollard after some discussions in a thread about this came up with the plan to use suicide gankers in the DCM NPC corp. So when an anti-ganker killed the ganker and podded him he would get a huge standing hit.

Now DCM is a bit a special corp because it is possible to get in there as a player but it is also one of the corps out there which have mining fleets. If you accidentally warp into a belt with such a fleet with low corp standing it will trigger a response fleet that will simply kick your teeth in if you are not prepared.

So it didn’t take long and the ag tears threads about this started. It’s good to see this finally fixed as it was just a stupid mechanic. I still think there should be no standing hit at all. if you are in an NPC corp you are protected enough without the standing hit.


keek keek confirming faction police will hunt you down like a motha for excessive podding keek keek

Nonsense. Gankers are almost always -10

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