FW standing preventing me from joining. HELP!

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Hello ladys and gents. I am a returning player and trying to join FW with a friend of mine. Thing is my friend and i have opposing FW standings. He cant join amarr/caldari I cant join Minmitar/Gallente. I am currently -6 in Min-FW standing and cant figure out for the life of me how to increase the standing. I cant do the missions as you need to be in FW to mission for them. I have no idea how else to raise the standing and raise it in a reasonable time. My toon currently has about 80mill SP and I rather not start a new toon. Any help would be great!

Can i join a FW corp that is already in FW and negate the standings?

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The Plan, I found this when someone else posted it. It’s from an archived forum, I don’t know if there’s a newer one, but someone else may come along and have better advice or newer link.

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Data Center missions are probably the best place to start. You can buy the tags on the market. Standing increases are a percentage of the difference between your current standings and +10 so getting from -6 to 0 isn’t as difficult as it first appears.

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You can join an feel Corp with good standing to negate yours. Just make sure they know.

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