Faction Standings Reverting Upon Login

My Ammatar Mandate and Khanid Kindom faction standings are reverting to the previous day’s standings upon login.

For example, yesterday I got my Khanid Kingdom faction standing up to 6.85 before logging out last night. Today when I logged in, it’s right back to 6.66 standing. It has done this for the past 5 days now.

I’m not killing any Khanid ships or do anything that would give me negative standing with them. I have solely been running missions for them and doing storylines.

I filed a ticket 4 days ago, but so far no response. It’s doing this every day. I’m not about to keep running 16 to 32 security missions every day only to have my efforts completely reset upon logging in the next day. Anyone have any ideas what is causing this or a possible fix?

Does the standings tab show these changes?


Yes, I’m looking at the Interactions → Standings tab in my character sheet. I’ll do 2 or 3 storyline missions, get my faction standing up to 6.85, then the next day when I log in its right back to 6.66 as if I didn’t even do the missions. That has happend to me for going on 5 days in a row now.

First I noticed the Ammatar Mandate faction standing doing it, now it’s the Khanid Kingdom faction doing it.

Derived standings. Could be where you are doing storylines for different factions etc, its giving you negative standings

@Imiarr_Timshae or @Madsam_Beacon

Thanks, but I know how it works. All I do is run missions. I only do missions for Amarr, Ammatar, and Khanid, and they all have positive derived standings for each other. I am doing absolutely nothing that would make me incur negative standing with any of them.

I see what the issue is now. I’m not showing any derived positive standings for Khanid Kingdom, when I should have several. I ran something like 64 distro missions for an Amarr corp and did 4 storyline missions, of which Khanid Kingdom receives positive derived standing. Now none of it is showing up in the list.

It’s like I ran those 4 storyline missions, gained derived positive standing for Khanid while I was logged in, bringing it up from 6.66 to 6.85 and then when I logged out of the game it “forgot” that I did them and reverted back to 6.66 like I never even did them.

Definitely a bug. I filed a support ticket, but I didn’t bother to file a bug report as it states that you won’t even hear back from them on it, not that they’ve responded to my support ticket, either.

It was also doing that with Ammatar Mandate standing while I was running missions for Khanid Navy. I’d get derived positive standing for Ammatar Mandate, and it would get up to 3.86 then the next day when I logged in it was right back down to 3.80

I guess I’ll just have to suck it up and do 64 more distro missions and 4 storyline and take a screenshot of all of my faction standings before logging out, then take another screenshot of it after downtime and logging back in.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound like an ass. I know you are trying to help me, it’s just extremely frustrating to get my progress reset daily like that.

This is happening because these are derived standings gains. When you gain standings with a given faction, the resulting derived standings gains/losses are capped at their reputation with that faction; afaik, though the client value may appear to go higher than that while you’re still logged in, the server value stops at the cap and you’re shown that when you log in again.

Why not do the SOE epic arc?

Thank you. That answers my question perfectly. It’s been over a week now and support still hasn’t even looked at my ticket.

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Because you can’t gain standing with Ammatar Mandate, Khanid Kingdom, Thukker, or several other factions by doing the SOE Arc.

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