Returning Player with a few Questions

The last time I played was probably 8 to 10 years ago, so obviously many things have changed. Some questions:

  1. Are Missiles and Drones useful or broken?

  2. My character is -9.9 sec status and obviously parked in low sec. I need to get that up while I try to relearn the game. What is a relatively quick way to do so?

  3. What other important things do I need to know about the game now?

  1. What do you mean with ‘broken’, as that description is both used as ‘overpowered/way too strong’ and as ‘bugged/does not work’. Drones and missiles are working fine and are good weapon choices with up and downsides, just like the other weapon systems.

  2. You do not ‘need’ to get your security standings up. I mean, you can choose to do so but for many playstyles your security standings don’t matter. I live in null sec and security standings do very little for me, yet I have them at near maximum because I sometimes kill npc pirates.
    Security standings have more meaning in high sec I think, but I don’t go there except on a high sec alt.

  3. EVE is still EVE: big pvp sandbox where people gather, compete, trade, haul, fight, etc. I don’t think the base idea of the game changed much if at all in those years.

I was not around in EVE 8 years ago, but some of the more important changes in the past years are:

  • structures owned by players aren’t completely safe for your assets. Usually your assets go to asset safety if the structure blows up, but those assets might drop if the structure goes into ‘abandoned’ state after not being fueled for a week.
  • new factions: triglavians and edencom npcs will shoot you unless you have positive standings to them. They roam mainly high sec. You start with negative standings towards trigs.

There are many other changes, but unless I know what you plan to do in EVE I’m not sure they will all apply to you.

Broken, as in not worth the bother. Eight years ago it would have been a mistake to assume that anything worked properly or even worked at all. I am glad to hear that CCP has finally fixed all the bugs and balanced things properly.

The purpose behind getting my sec status up is to give myself a bit more safety while I figure out how the game controls work. I am effectively a total noob. I undocked earlier today and it took me a full couple minutes inking around before I could manage to dock up again. That would have been bad had there been anyone waiting outside.

Thanks for your quick response.

I propose you open a new char slot and do the starting missions in a completely new toon that can fly in Highsec without problems and is not worth any hassle if thigs go awry.

Probably a great idea. Thanks

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  1. Gila easily one of the most OP ships. Hope that answers.
  2. Google EVE sec status fixing
  3. With skill injectors and free to play alpha alts every character you encounter is a wildcard. Behind that 2 week old toon in the NPC Corp could be sitting a skilled PVP player that is using said character as bait for example and spend isk to inject into a hot drop cyno

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