FW demotion

So got back into FW ran a plex and was rewarded with being demoted 2 ranks… did they change the standing requirements and did running the plex just update that or what?

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I don’t know much about how the standings work for Faction Warfare and I haven’t seen anything about CCP changing the standing requirements. From what I could find, loss of standing results from one of two different things:

  1. Killing friendly militia
  2. Declining/failing mission

I guess a 3rd reason could be by completing regular Storyline missions for enemy Factions.

Did you get demoted from the opposing faction?

Should post your reply to the OP instead of me.

Friendly fw rats are still red, even after decades

Yes i should. Wrong reply button. :crazy_face:

No it was from my faction. Only thing ends I had done since getting back was kill a single gal mil pilot. My interactions log only shows the +.008 from getting the plex.

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