New Minmatar Faction rats (that are hanging around Custom Offices) shoot me, I also get no standing helping them (But lose Standing with the Imperial Navy who I'm fighitng againtst)

In Floseswin, I was killing Imperial Navy NPC’s at the customs office, and the breacher that was assigned to the Republic Fleet (specific faction) attacked me and was red to me as well as the Imperial Navy NPC’s. I got standing loss from killing the Imperial Navy NPC’s but I didn’t gain anything by helping the Republic Fleet (who were red to me)

Why was the republic fleet red to me, even though I am +.10 with them and +3.98 with the Minmatar Faction?

You should really keep up with world news.

Floseswin, and the rest of the Eugidi constellation, are now a no man’s land where the only defined sides are the amarr and minmatar militias; anything else, including the gallente and caldari militias, are free targets for both sides. Standings will be disregarded by players and NPCs alike.

A similar situation has been developing in the Serthoulde constellation for a couple weeks now.

Its because standings with republic fleet aren’t as high as the others I think. Its similar to how you had to get more standings attacking trigs.

Both factions are white to me now. Should have also stated I’m in the miltia and recieved that message (which is why I went to investigate)

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