End of LP Donations

Is there any good reason why one will be unable to donate LP to their own corp?

“To clamp down on this disruption to New Eden’s economy, CONCORD’s Secure Commerce Commission (SCC) will temporarily ban the transfer of Loyalty Points and EverMarks by any entity other than the issuing corporation, meaning that individual-to-corp and corp-to-corp trading of LP and EverMarks will be shut down on 14 November”

I mean, sure, I can always ramp up tax rate on LP to 100% and handle it that way (mine is corp of alts anyway). Functionally it won’t be much different from me donating LP to my corp.

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If I understood correctly, you have 13 days until it ends, so if you need to send/recieve LP to/from another char/corp, you can still do it

Wait, what?
Where is the announcement of this?

If I were to guess, to prevent people from pooling LP to get titan BPCs, with Evermarks being a type of LP behind the scenes.

For all titans, or just the Angel one? I don’t really care about anything bigger than a battleship because I don’t want to fly anything bigger than a battleship, but are regular titan bpc’s loot drops, or are they bought from lp stores?

I haven’t done anything with lp so I don’t know anything about it, but now that I think about it, I might have gotten some lp from missions, and then I contracted all the assets from that char to a new one on a diff acc, and then I think I biomassed the char that might have had lp, eh, whatever

The angel titan is gonna be expensive af, but making it so one person has to grind the lp to get a bpm is gonna make it even more expensive than if a bunch of people could grind it and pool their lp to get it faster

:joy: I knew it when they released the updated LP figures for the Serpentis capitals.

You should read the patch notes now and then. I do read them very often, even though I am currently not active.

Why would they enable something like this and then disable it. What type of behavior started happening that they did not anticipate?

The functionality was bad anyway since there is no track of who donated LP, how much and when to corp + more.

If this is about players getting too efficient at obtaining titans then CCP needs to just let that happen. Or introduce clever ways to make it so there will only be a few of them assembled and flyable at any time. Slowing down the rate at which players can produce them is not a solution if your goal is to only ever have a few of them existing at a time. Anyway its their game they can do what they want

You could make it so that in order to build a titan you needed some rare mats that would only drop or spawn if there was less than x amount of titans on the server. The only major concern i can think of is that eventually one organisation would be in control of all titans possible to build. But that kind of power will corrupt and eventually they will lose them. So not a biggie i think.

Last but not least this is coinciding with the release of the Havoc content. So maybe everyone is going to get a bunch of free Havoc LP, sort of how they give everyone free EverMarks in an attempt to get people interested in the content. They also give free boosters, and free skill points and free skins daily, they think that giving free stuff drives adoption. Not sure why they believe this tho. But thats offtopic. Sorry.

By the way i havent even had my coffee yet

We can tell.

You do realize you can keep editing your post instead of quad-posting?


Here’s some more context from ccp swift on “that other forum”


yeah, and why do I need to go to reddit to get more context… CCP should post here


Because the CCP employee answered to a reddit post.

Now why do they not post on the forum ? Can’t tell.
Maybe because they had already answered somewhere else before.
Maybe because the ever-toxic people who do nothing but post judgements nobody asked about are making those forum a trash bin.
Maybe for another reason.

I mean, they did it because of Pirates.

So why not, just you know, disable pirate LP trading on something called CONCORD’s Secure Commerce Commission (SCC) ???

There is already concord LP conversion where you can’t convert to pirate LP or to DED lp, etc, so they already have capability to block certain LP’s, why not just build on top of that and clamp that way on pirate LP only and keep the rest as it is…

What? @CCP_Swift answers in reddit but not here? (except for staged topics). :thinking:

I think it gets more messy then

Same reason people thought they were hip if they used Twitter :roll_eyes:

This forum isn’t trendy enough for them.

If they can’t handle a few jokes then they should quit the Internet altogether.

Thats probably the whole point, to make them expensive, they don’t want people able to just spam these out because they have 500 people running missions