Price 600b

At present, we have decided to withdraw from the Angel Guard. Starting from today, the production of all Angel Titan BPCs will be completely stopped.
We intend to use this method to see the results of free market development choices and how much of an impact “LP donations” will have on the price.

This is the last BPC. From now on, those who need BPC please go and buy LP points themselves…


Price increased by 625b

Nice stopgap measure for a BPC whose maximum worth is no more than 450 B

It’s novelty died when the first Azariel Titan was made and the rest are you guys doing things that are no different from scalpers.

It’s not like these LP points are gained through the dedication of numerous players. Its the magic of alts in a short span of two to three weeks of playtime under the same corporation, so no amount of reasoning and logic there can justify 500 B+ price point.

Even two days ago, there was a BPC on sale for 550 B and the price was lowering each day, but you guys just had to- sigh

I’m not complaining since I understand profits is necessary for you guys and less supply generates more demand but never try to justify it. It’s hypocritical at best lol

Fyi, I’m not pointing at you but the others who say 600 B+ for Azariel BPC is justified. You simply stated that I’m going to cut supply, so demand increases, which is a good idea to keep the prices up.

Even if not now, I hope the prices come down someday so I can own my Azariel Titan. Got plenty of time to wait.


What you said makes sense. LP donations did cause a brief panic, but we now realize that this has a minimal impact on prices. People can indeed reduce costs by collecting scattered LPs.

But based on our observations over the two days, no one else seemed to join after we exited.

No one seemed interested in collecting the scattered LP.

First of all, the demand for this BPC is not large, and the price is very expensive. No one is willing to invest hundreds of B to accumulate LP. There are many ways to make money. Only by selling this BPC at a high price will there be high profits, driving people to earn it price difference
For example, would you collect 1.5e LP for 50b? Regardless of whether there are enough LPs in the market, this matter alone will take a lot of time.
Secondly, the price people expect, the ratio of LP is 1000. There are too many valuable LPs in the game, such as Serpentis, and Angel’s LP is not the best choice.

You must have heard the story of “Wolf and Deer” in Europe, wolves hunt deer, but they bring balance to nature,

Without our, there would be no bpc below 900b in the game, we have relatively lowered the price because the cost of another production method is higher.
As I mentioned above, or there may not be a way for you to obtain this bpc at all.

And the profit is not as high as you think.
Our production cycle is about 2 weeks. There are many factors that affect the production cycle, such as frequent outbreaks of PVP conflicts, but the biggest factor is that we are short of manpower.

More than a month ago, we had almost 200+ people working on it. In production, everyone is online for an average of 12 hours a day, but now the price of drawings has dropped and can no longer be sold at the previous high price of 800b-900b. Frequent pvp has also brought more losses than before, which has led to us having to reduce the number of members salary, so we only have about 100 people now, and it may be even less in the future
One BPC costs 150b
pvp loss is about 50b
If sell 650b, we will only get a profit of 450b.
450b. On average, each person only has 4.5b.
In an average of 2 weeks, everyone only earns 3e per day
So I don’t understand, do you really think this is very profitable?
You may say that we can reduce the number of people, but the reduction of the number of people will increase the production cycle, which will not increase our income.

This is why we decided to quit when we found out that the price of the drawings was lower than 600b


You only see us making money, but you don’t see the hard work we put in behind the scenes. The two to three-week production cycle is what we exchange for our own health and high-intensity work.
If anyone thinks this is an easy and profitable job, you can form your own group and give it a try. There’s almost no one here now.

Well, if hundreds of players join, then it is indeed not profitable timewise.

But from what I heard, one player farming LP has ten alts on average, so I’m not sure if hundreds of players from the same corp are farming Angel LP for the cost to be that high.

My info is based on some guy who can farm 25 mill Guristas FW LP in four-five days playtime with ten-twenty alts. I don’t know if that’s the truth or not but they also probably stopped knowing that BPC prices are coming down.

Anyways, good luck on the sale.

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You’re right . I mean is 100 ALTs,
But what I want to say is the amount of isk gained by a single ALT in any kind of PVE should be much higher than the income of 30 million isk per hour, right?

Moreover, if one person wants to activate multiple ALTs at the same time, then they must all have omg accounts, so from a certain perspective, the cost of 100ALTs is higher than that of 100 players.

Not really.

The Omega pays for itself as long as you utilized the right starter/omega packs.

I have a tiny skill farm that pays for itself and nets some profit, so in essence, you get free play time with whatever number of alts you have. In fact, if you have like 100 characters/alts, that’s free 25+ B in a month.

FW destroyers/cruiser fits wouldn’t even require much skill points, so the characters would mostly be used for extracts.

But yes, I agree that if you’re gonna use the alts for PvE, the minimum income should be much higher than 30 mill per hour per alt.

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thank you for your understanding

Have buyers contacted you?

Thanks for the introduction, I sold it for 590b.

The next BPC will be completed in 2 weeks

The price is 590b

Only reservations are accepted, the deposit is 50B

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