WTS Azariel BPC

will be doing a auction which lasts for one day( Sunday-Monday)
price based on the first molok bpc, and plex prices in 2017

so starting bid will be 1T
and buyout will be2.5T
You may place your bids below
BPC is now on public auction contract

feel free to contact me on forums or in game

5b start

1.5t bid I make strong offer I want buy this

Please let me know.
I await your response.

So, you’re placing a 1.5T bid then? before downtimeon on Monday if no one has a higher bid tha your’s then I will make you the contract.

Hey guys I really doubt the authenticity of the 1.5T offer due to his trolling bids before , so strting bid resets to 1T

His trolling bids or the “my mommy will swipe”


The issue with pricing it based on the molok is that you gain this BPC in a different manner.

Its 150b + 150m LP. That LP has a marketable value based on the items in the store.
A molok was a drop, they are far more rare.

You’re dumb.

I agree with your opinion

If it is obtained in the same way as moloko, I am willing to bid 1t
But it’s in the store so I’m only willing to give 400b

I’ll start this off in the most legit way

200b offer

Bidding 500b

My offer of 1.5t is real idk why anyone flag my offer

the contract in game is set to isk auction you may place your bid then

Pretty sad that insurance frauding thoraxs in nullsec leads to this. Hopefully CCP ban those involved!

so they acquired this bpc in not legit way ?

Yeah, basically made alts in the faction warfare corp, put them in unfitted, insured cruisers and blew them up with a pirate toon to gain the LP.

Perfectly legit, good (ab)use of existing mechanics

Bpc sold


According to the formula for LP gained per FW kill (not sure if angel is using the same formula but I’d guess so?)

You’d need to kill about 92,000 thoraxes. After insurance that’s about 5m per thorax, so you’d spend about 480b.

That’s still a decent profit if you can sell an early BPC to a collector happy to pay 2-3x the actual price. But once these are priced more normally according to the value of angel LP, you’d only be making money on this if angel LP was valued about 3000 ISK/LP or higher which seems unlikely.

This isn’t really something to be concerned about I don’t think.

The bit that is odd is that Zkill is only showing 1700 thorax kills. Whether the rest are just not actually on Zkill (entirely possible given as it’s unlikely he added his alts api to zkill) or there’s something else I’ve missed idk.

There was 1 liquid ozone in the cargo hold for each. Could be some market manipulation thing that alters what the game ‘thinks’ that item is worth and gives more LP. Though if that were the case he’d have put many more units in each ship so that’s probably not the case.

EDIT: the ozone was likely required to bulk multi-fit the ships

Assuming he did kill 92,000 thoraxes, this only really works if you manage to sell the BPC for a huge markup early on. But good ingenuity for taking advantage of the opportunity whilst it’s there! I like seeing the stuff like this people figure out.


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