SOLD - Molok BPC

Offers should start at 499 Billion Isk

Buyout is 540 Billion Isk

If you would like to make a private offer please PM Minton Benidal#2402 on Discord.

All offers may be subject to a 24 hour waiting period before being accepted or denied.

BPC is in Jita 4-4



200 billion isk.

Iā€™m afraid that price is much too low to even consider friend.

Will Trade 3 titans and 3 supers. you know how to find me :slight_smile:

210b offered

Nice titan. Free bump. Best of luck in the sale.

Hi all the price is set and its pretty clear some of these offers are low balls. Also we are accepting isk only at this time but we will entertain offers.

If you want the tankiest armour titan in the game, this is the best way to get it!

A private offer has been made and is being considered.

SOLD to private bidder 4- Moderators please close the thread

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