WTS Komodo BPC

With shield slaves around the corner, there has never been a better time to acquire the highest EHP Titan in New Eden. A potential 400 million effective hit points will allow you to withstand even the most robust of Doomsday attacks. Purchase the premiere shield faction titan today.

Starting Bid: 250 Billion ISK
Min Increase: 5B Billion ISK
Buyout: 400 Billion ISK

Upon purchase, the BPC will be contracted to you in Caldari Low Security space in a non-kickout NPC station.


We have received a private bid for 250 Billion to start off.

300 b


310 Bil

400 bil b/o contract to me plz

Please reply when contract is up I’m ready with isk in hand

Daddy needs a new Komodo to whelp with pith a’s.

Please fit this one properly

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Pith as with meta 6 pds? 10 4

Shield slaves are a mistake.

Contract is up for 400 billion ISK.

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Give me about 6 hours to get home. Currently at work

If you’re crunching for time I can try to update my client at work but like not exactly something I can do fast lol.

No rush. Accept when you are able to.

As buyout has been met, the auction will close when the contract is accepted.

No armour lol

Contract accepted thanks for honoring b/o

Cheers. Best of luck with it.

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