Hello, looking to sell a Komodo BPC. Its located in the safest freeport Citadel in New Eden.


Starting Bid will be: 350 Billion Isk

There is an immediate Buyout: 400 Billion Isk

I have a business partner I will have to confer with so there may be a delay but any questions should be answered in 48 hours at the latest.


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You can also reach out to me on Discord if you do not want to post publicly.
Minton Benidal #2402

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Bump. Buy your Komodo today!

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Bump, also willing to sell to non anglophones!


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Bump, still for sale!

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Bumpski - Just make an offer if you want it folks!

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200b offered

No, this isn’t a fire sale and the price trend we’ve established over the last 6 months has informed us thats about 50% of what these are worth.


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I own a Komodo. I paid ~250b for it. I wouldnt mind picking up a second for around that price. The “price trend” that you claim was created over the last 6 months resulted from one single verifiable sale. Hardly a trend.

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Hi there, you’re obviously putting little effort into your research. There are multiple sales for around 400B.

Here are at least 3:

You can pretend its not the case, but regardless, this thread is about my sale. Please make a reasonable offer or move along. :slight_smile:


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I’ll offer 220bill, cause I view that as a reasonable offer. Otherwise GL with the sale, even cable is having trouble selling his Bpcs atm.

I wish you luck finding one for that price, one hasn’t sold that cheap since last year.

offer rejected

Thanks for making an offer tho :slight_smile:

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Some of you reading this have the itch to get into the tankiest Titan in EVE.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and make an offer in the ball park of our listed price! :parrot:

Bump - Will give discounts to cool kids

Prices have been updated to reflect the current market status quo

Bump - Still available!

I’ll offer 250b, has one of these sold since cyno changes? I think the price drop recently has been no one wants to jump a 600b isk ship through a force recon cyno lol.

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Hi Friend, thank you for the offer!

As noted in the opening post, the Starting Bid is 350. There are other BPCs on the market in the same price range as ours, maybe they will be more receptive to that offer.

Unfortunately we are not willing to accept that price at this time.


This BPC is still available :slight_smile: