Calling all Levi Pilots that have a moderate amount of isk!

Want the tankiest Titan in EVE Online the Video Game?
Want to look cool and stand out from the crowd in the next big Titan battle?
Want your enemies to salivate with jealousy when you drop and lance them?

Look no further, the Komodo is the ship you need!

This Komodo BPC is currently located in the Tranquility Trading Tower in Perimeter. The asking price is a meager 320 Billion Isk.

Feel free to make any offer here or in game mail

You can also message me on discord at Minton Benidal#2402
Alternate contact Pittsburgh2989#5426


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wow what a steal

get this very sexy hangar trophy today!!!


Thank you for the offer friend, but I think this BPC is a bit out of your league…

Keep it to one bump per day, thank you.

There was no bump, my browser froze and it double posted. I immediately flagged for deletion. bumping twice in the same minute wouldn’t make sense anyway…

Anyway… Bump!


Lots of interest expressed privately, but alas, all were poor with no hope of obtaining this Jewel

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