**SOLD** WTS Komodo. In Irmalin NPC Station

As title suggests, looking to sell a Komodo. Hull+rigs. [Capital Core Defence Field Extender II’s]

Evemail / reply with offers.

I am not looking for a quick sale. Since BPC’s are selling 290-300B, a realistic offer is expected.

I’ll start you @ 200b

Well, thats 95b below what the BPC just sold for :stuck_out_tongue:

250b offer

300 B

Eve is full of poors these days. Thanks, CCP.

I know right :stuck_out_tongue:

Everyone also assumes I want a quick sale, this ship is not the kind of thing you sell quickly XD

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Can you move it to 1DQ1-A keepstar? :smiley:

No but if/when PAPI gets a keepstar there it will get moved over :slight_smile:

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Bump to the top, fresh of the latest battle!

Bump to the top! Get the tankiest titan ready for the next fight!

Bump to the top. Get the tankiest titan in eve before this next major battle!!

whats highest offer right now?

Just for curiosity, it has any war killmarks on it?

Highest offer right now is 325b. I am looking for 420b with its fit.

It has 11 killmarks, it was in the battle of M2- on new-years-eve. But quickly withdrew to do bridges for subcaps

330b then

Thanks, still looking for more but appeciate the offer <3

Bump to the top, ingame offer of 360B recieved. Still holding out for a higher price.

Bump up!