**SOLD** WTS Komodo. In Irmalin NPC Station

Bump up! Get the Tankiest titan in the game, in the war-front!

Bump for the weekend!

Saturday bump for the sale!

Sunday bump!

sell to me already

Komodo is currently in Asset Safety. Will be out in 20 Days. either a sale is to be arranged or it will be going on hypernet.

isk are waiting for u

I know, just it’s too low from what the value is.

Bump for day 1 of ship in asset safety. It can still be reclaimed to T5ZI if the pilot wants it there.

Bump for Day 2 in Asset Safty :slight_smile:

Bump for day 3 :slight_smile:

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Day 12 Asset safety bump!

I shudder to think the cost of retrieving it from asset safety…

It’s a cost i’m willing to pay, as long as it does get a sale

Bump it up, not long left on asset safety

zZzZzzz :slight_smile:

Bump in Irmalin NPC station now.

Bump in no rush to sell :slight_smile:

250b still