WTS Komodo Hull

Decided against going full meme fit komodo and since I’m leaving TAPI I have no use for the thing any longer…

Any Test/Legacy peeps that want this thing its in 0-8 in the keepstar.

For anyone not in Legacy I can take it to Amamake or any Southern neutral Keepstar

Looking for 500 bil flat.

:getin: before the shield slave changes end up putting this thing at 400 mil ehp

Easiest way to contact me is discord

CJ Agnon #6277

I can offer 500m

Dropping you a mail in-game.

nvm won’t flame, if you want a proper non inflated offer, I’ll offer 350bill. I know how much you paid, quite frankly you overpaid for it, not our fault you made a bad deal.

No thanks bud, I appreciate the offer though. Inflation can no longer be attributed to this price, the recent shield slave announcements, how much stronger shield titans are on the n+1 keepstar battles that we’ve had recently will show and ■■■■ like this are what make this titan as expensive as it is. I’ve gotten offers of 450 flat but I’m not losing 30 bil on this. We will see what the next bpc sells for but I can almost guarantee it will not be the 270 you’re trying to pay me for mine.

Regardless, I paid 400 flat for the BPC and like 80 ish for the minnies. So thats more or less what Im looking for in terms of price, if it doesn’t sell in that price I’ll just give it to @Creecher_Virpio and let him be gangsta

Considering people are getting in line to pay 500b for the BPC this should sell in a decent time

You keep talking about shield slaves like they’re coming out in the next update when we still have no idea when or even if they are ever going to be released.

But CCP said! :smiley:



It seemed like, to me at least, the update hinted to something alot closer on the horizon.

Either way, Komodo’s still for sale. Got legacy nerds begging me to give them it “cause it should stay in Test exDe”

I’d gladly sell it to a Test dude or anyone that gives me 500 bil.


Shield slaves have been talked about for the last 4 years. Until its on the update board can’t even consider them as a boost to the price

I mean sure but they just recently gave a release date on them, called it for summer of 19

So here soon from what can be proposed.

I guess we’ll see though. Just to get stuff moving though I’ll take the modo down to 480 obo

I offer 460b

I’ll take at 480b

I would offer 500B but by time I saved that amount of isk I would be around 100 years old,(im 50 atm) dam I feel poor when I see these amounts of offers.

Should I assume that’s a no then on my 480b offer to match your ask?

I have contracted you mine for 480 bil


Are you going to accept it ?

Yes, just need to move alts around :slight_smile: . Would you please put 7 days on the contract.