Why are corporate LP 's not subject to exchange?

So let’s get started. With the Viridan update, corporations have the opportunity to rob their members of LP as well. However, one nuance suddenly came to light - the corporation cannot exchange the LP received on the wallet for LP of another faction - thus, for example, Concord LP in the hands of the corporation is not a universal currency, but junk that can only be used in CONCORD award departments. I wonder if that 's what you thought ? As far as I remember patch notes - all these changes were introduced under the slogan of increasing corporate income, and now what ? Less income for the player and a doughnut hole for the corporation ? After all, the main value is primarily those LP’s that can be profitably exchanged for LP’s of other fractions that have product you need. I really hope that the responsible employees of CCP will pay attention to this misunderstanding and correct it as soon as possible.

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Why on earth would you think it work like that?

Because I and several people have checked it in the most practical way.

So, you want something awarded for loyal service to one organisation to be honoured by a different, and potentially competing, organisation.

LP are like Co-op stamps. They’ll be honoured by the Co-op to claim loyalty rewards, but a different shop won’t take them. They’ll have their own customer loyalty scheme.


If you feel like your corporation is ‘robbing’ you with taxes, you may be in the wrong corporation.


That is the whole point of CONCORD LP, the ability to exchange it for other faction’s LP, It does have some restrictions and different exchange rates but it makes no sense to restrict corps from exchanging while it’s permitted for individuals.

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At least one healthy person in this circus of imbeciles… That’s what I’m talking about - without the ability to exchange LP, almost all LP that people actually farm is just garbage. Ordinary corporations will not earn anything from it, and if we talk about alt-storage corporations, then things are even worse - everyone hoped that now it would be possible to collect all LP from 2-3-4-10-20 windows in one wallet and sell them entirely, which will increase profits - but as it turned out, now it is necessary on the contrary, it is necessary to reset to 0% the tax before payment of LP.

It is obvious that the tax on LP came out in a raw form. I see three options for a supplement that could correct the shortcomings.

  1. Possibility of individual adjustment of the percentage of tax separately for ISK and LP
  2. Ability to transfer LP from a corporate account not only to a corporate account, but also personally
  3. Actually bring the exchange of Concord LP into one mode, both corporate and personal (or do you think Concord can’t do business with corporations? It’s kind of strange)
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A bigger question is why corporations should tax this at all when the bounty system was working fine

It’s been asked for by FW based corporations ever since FW was introduced.

Indeed, for those of us who earn LP on multiple characters, this had the potential to be a huge QoL improvement. Why CCP choose to make it that exchangeable LPs can’t be exchanged is beyond me…

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Now that I think about it… they don’t let me donate LP to corp either which would function as a work around, and is another difference between the LP and Isk tax/wallet systems…

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