My L3 distribution agent suddenly started smoking crack?

Last night I was grinding up some standings doing courier missions. Farthest jump was like 5, all in high sec. Go in there this morning, first mission was 7 jumps. Oh Kay. Next mission was 11 jumps, out of constellation, and 3 of those were low sec to low sec systems. WTF? Declined that in a heartbeat. Go back 4 hours later, get a “normal” mission. That’s better me thinks. Then next one boom there is that 11 jumper again.

Is this normal?



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*11? 11 WHOLE JUMPS!!??





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Are you kidding me? I did well over 160 jumps in the last three days.

Anyhow, it happens. vOv

I was talking to a guy a few days ago who had quit playing because one of the career agents asked him to warp a perfectly good frigate into a mission where it was going to get blown up.

No joke.

I explained that the ship was provided by the agent specifically for that purpose and therefore it would be of no financial consequence to him.

He said, and I quote “I don’t like losing”.

Eve is hard, it seems.


Quitting EVE was probably a good move for that guy, then. lol


True. Sadly this attitude appears to be more prevalent now.

I just don’t get the mentality of people like that, myself. EVE has a widespread reputation as a ruthless sandbox with a super steep learning curve, which has been supported by almost all of CCP’s marketing material over the life of the game. Why do people seek out this game if they aren’t willing to do “hard things”? Surely they’d be a heck of a lot happier with any of the other sci fi MMO themeparks out there.

Can be bad luck, but that many jumps and so often never happened to me to be fair.

I immediately thought about “avoided” systems. If there’s one close to you (cos of trigs earlier and you forgot for example), this thing also pops up. Unless you never avoid systems, then I’m also at a loss.

After 3 tries its not a curse yet tho. :slight_smile:

This attitude is 95% of the market and eve has to react to that by adjusting the game to this…bottom line…

This is what i’m preaching for years with no effect on the bittervets…they don’t WANT that change necessary or not…

Not all games need to appeal to all people. Casting a wide net is one strategy for game profitability, but it is not the only way to make a game work.

EVE Online has survived and done well for over a decade as a niche game appealing to a niche audience who actually like the steep learning curve and ruthlessness of the game. Instead of chasing the short attention span masses who will always, inevitably, just migrate to the next game in short order CCP has made it this far on retaining the players who seek out what they have on offer.

Alienating the niche audience will not accomplish anything for this game. Making EVE more like “95%” of games to appeal to that broader audience will just make it another irrelevant and unremarkable backwater game with dated mechanics that no one will ever want to play.


Again true, unfortunately it’s then likely be filed under ‘mediocre and irrelevant’ in short order. It’s not a recipe for a long and healthy life as you’ve said.

Well…the “niche” is thinning out in quite extreme numbers…regardless what the propaganda “economic reports” say…those are just that… a comforting pill for all those who cannot or don’t want to face the hard truth…players are leaving BECAUSE of the unability or unwillingness of CCP to adapt the game…

And yes…you CAN say "let the game have hardly good 1-2 years and then let it simply run out…but without a fight?

Not on my watch :stuck_out_tongue:
As i said i’m fighting this fight for years now and i will not back off from the “all is in order as it is,we need no change at all” faction…never…

It has been adapted, massively and extensively specifically to pander to the needs of the isk hoarding generation. CCP are far from unwilling.


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Then tell him to accept the mission, get in the ship and warp off to the sun, then decline the mission. I am a bittervet, it is not because you fail to help your ennemy (you dishonestly call friend) that bittervets somehow are at fault. The game is all about learning and adapting.

Want me to scout in advance? Pm me ingame. Try and find playmates in game. The dark gritty spacegame will be much more enjoyeable. Learn, adapt, overcome. And take strength from some of the replies above of people who couldn’t come up with an answer, because they probably are having a hard time in EVE too.