Additional drones and bandwidth

It would be nice to be able to have six drones out at one time instead of five it would also be nice to see the bandwidth moved from 50 to 60 for 125 to 150

Personally currently fly the porpoise and the Orca and I eventually would like to fly Rorqual but I could see the limits being changed it could benefit everybody I know I’m going to get some Flack bring on the rain but

I think it’s something that would benefit the game dramatically

PS I like the idea of six because it’s an even number I dislike odd numbers laughing I know I am odd

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What is the purpose of 6 drones thou, if you think they don’t mine fast enough better to increase mining speed per drone so the server doesn’t get more lag?

Could always go to 4 drone’s that’s an even number :stuck_out_tongue:

I think at this point the service can probably handle one more drone per player and if they can’t they’re using antique servers that probably need to retire because the wiring is going to burn out and burn the place down laughing

Well when 6000 players all on the same play field have +1 drone then that’s where the problem comes in :] if you add 1 more drone for mining it will be 1 more drone for all things as well go read previous posts all on the same thing and you will see the same response.

Your want for 1 extra drone is illogical and purely aesthetic, you can always just imagen 1 more drone flying around if you really want ^_^.


If CCP increased the number of drones, they would need to nerf the capability of each drone to maintain balance. If you could simply harvest more ore, it would increase the supply on the market, resulting in a lower price. Since the server needs to track each drone individually it would also contribute to server load in a large fight.

With fighters, they grouped them into squadrons that can be tracked as a single object - that’s a possible way forward for drones. Another option is to reduce the number of drones but increase their capability - like the Gurista pirate hulls.


And this is why it’s a stupid idea. Your only justification is “6 is my favorite number”, and it would be a really bad idea to make such a significant change with so many potential balance implications just so you can have your favorite number. If your obsession with even numbers is that important then you can always deploy only four drones at a time.


Extra drones seems pointless.

I wouldn’t mind a mod that would increase bandwidth by a ship by some amount (perhaps only for ships that have some drone bandwidth already).

Maybe just +5m3 for each module installed. It would create fitting tradeoffs and have some surprise for what fit you’d be facing.

Right now you know a Vexor is going to have 2 heavies, 2 mediums and 1 light to fill up their 75m3 bandwidth. But what if they fit one of these modules and had 2 heavies and 3 mediums? Or fit 2 and had 3 heavies and 2 lights? Or fit 3 and have 3 heavies, 1 med, 1 light?


Maybe all ships start at 0 and fit those modules on their high slot’s to gain bandwidth, this way it would cost them as much fitting as normal ships for their own weapon system and at the same time it would be able to go over what it has now with some sacrifices.

How, exactly, would this “benefit the game dramatically”?

+20% drone damage and mining yield for all ships, that’d be pretty dramatic!

Right, then have high slot modules you need to fit to get turret or launcher slots? Drone ships usually have a trade off in fitting compared to gunships already.

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They can still fit neut’s and still have more fitting left for tank and speed and cap than most other ships.

Agreed, I can’t seem to see the purpose, “besides more is better”.

Actually more is weaker if you think about it :stuck_out_tongue: their hp will have to be less to have the same ehp across them all making them weaker to smart bomb’s.

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So you’d be ok with 4 instead of 5?


There already are ships with a bonus to drones, like the Gila or Rattlesnake.
They can field only 2 drones of their respective sizes but the +500% makes them perform like 12.
2 is an even number btw.

No need to increase the number of drones or bandwidth. A ship bonus already does the trick.

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If you really want you can farm up 200bil and buy yourself a guardian vexor which has 10 drones.

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Drones need to die a horrible death.

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The server tech is FAR from antique :smile:

6 drones is completely pointless next to five, you just want more drone mining yield I assume.

what is your problem was drones they’re quite a useful tool I’m guessing you don’t have much Drone training I recommend you train up to a set of heavy you’ll never go back 2 using Conventional Weapons

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