PvE - More Drones

Ever just wanted to see more than 5 drones fly out and do your bidding? Just a giant swarm to give you that sensation that YOU ARE a carrier… even if its just pretend.

I understand that the reason for removing more than 5 drones per ship was due to server stress ( i may be wrong but that’s not the point atm) during pvp battles. But what if we allowed this in high sec (say, mission running), unless it would stress out the server.

Idea - Add a module that when active (In HIGH SEC only) would double your ship Drone Band Width (Edit: and number of drones you can control), and cut your drone dmg/repair/effect by half. Armor/Shield/Hull/Resistances/ship-hull remain the same.
Damage should (key word there) remain the same, Server stress should remain pretty low seeing how its not hundreds of players deploying hundreds of drones withing the same grid, and the only ‘bonus’ i see is that if your drone gets dead, you have 9/10ths of your damage still available while your launch a 10th and have him on his way.

There are already modules that can work only in Null, so i don’t see it being a too difficult to make one for high-sec only. Being a high-sec module exclusive means it will have little to no impact in Null/Low sec (unless i’m missing something).

This would just be a visual enjoyment to those few that would like to see a swarm.

ccps not that because
1 they wouldn’t limit it
2 it would be pointless do 10 drones 1/2 damage but more stress on the server

used to you could have every drone you had launched at 1 time, than that was taken away in favor of limit skills
used too it didn’t matter what size drones you could fly, vexors commonly had 5 heavies until the bandwidth nerfs

Wouldn’t limit ? what? Limit module to High sec? (if so) why not?

I added this for a reason. This is something CCP would need to weigh, worth while server load for the player immersion value.

Fun fact: drones cause server load, be it PVE or PVP. The more people use them, the more load is caused.

Sure, the biggest issues happen when there are lots of players in one place using them, but it didn’t mean that those who use them for PVE don’t cause load on the server.

Your idea would only cause unnecessary load just to please your dream of having more stuff up command.

here… you might have missed it the first time…

No. Stop.
If you want to feel like a carrier just imagine that each drone circling your target is a swarm of 100 little drones. There you go.

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You are more likely to get yourself a Guardian-Vexor than CCP increasing drone amount.


so what i’m hearing is ‘why play eve when i can just imagine i’m playing eve?’… Remember, its called “player Features AND ideas”.

is reading comprehension that difficult for some of you? here, i’ll post again…

The number of drones you can control is defined by a skill, not the bandwidth

Thanks, edited.

There is 0 extra immersion from having ten drones compared to five. If they all do half damage this is even more pointless.

didn’t know you could speak for the entire player base.

100% doubling the number of drones and halving their damage is a huge waste of time

Now you’ll know for next time :dealwithitparrot:

The most recent changes to drones were to make them more powerful but reduce the number you can control - the Gecko which uses twice the bandwidth of other heavy drones and the Gurista pirate faction hulls which can only launch 2 drones but have a hull bonus to make them equivalent to 5 (or more) normal drones.

Back when the capital ships were rebalanced, I recall a Dev saying they would like to use the new fighter squadron mechanic for drones - you get your swarm of drones but the server only has 1 object to keep track of. Haven’t heard anything since but hope that idea is still somewhere in the backlog.

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Buy a guardian Vexor :stuck_out_tongue:

the module wouldn’t be limited to empire to give you more drones. they limited drones in the first place because when you could launch like 20 ogres from a domi hurt fleet fights.

it can be controlled by bandwidth too, that came later than the skills.

Except this literally makes no sense to implement. Everything that is low/null only has logical in-game pretend reasons behind it. What pretend reason can you even make up for that? Somehow the empires decided they want more flying entity in their space but don’t allow it in the part of space where they can’t prevent us from deploying capital ships and bombs?