Ideas For New Drones

An new drone module unit in the high slot which is essentially small or microscoping drones, say 50-100 per module, that does low damage but in large numbers, it could be very powerful. The idea came from games such as Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s Swarm, Division 2’s Stinger Hive, SWEAW’s Buzz Droids, CNC3’s Planetary Assault Carrier Fighter Drones etc which would be pretty cool for players who likes to use drones. Counter could be an EMP shuts down or destroys the entire drone if the module gets hit or if the player uses an emp in the range

And EMP? Are we talking about EM-smart bombs?

The problem is, in terms of mechanics this weapon already exists. We call them “missiles”.

Making the exact same thing but calling the missile a “swarm” would not add really anything new to the game. (And let’s face it, making a real swarm weapon would also be pointless 'cause if EVE gets advanced enough around the 22nd century to support this, CCP can just give us more drones.)

Would you like game breaking lag? Because this is how you would get it.

Every drone would be a new calculation for the server to process and distribute.


If you can’t add something useful, rather say nothing. This is the problem with the forum

Good advice

Not necessarily. You could have it so that the server treats the swarm as one drone for purposes of position, damage application and HP, and then have the graphics on the client side merely give it the illusion of being a swarm. I think of it like insect swarm from Baldur’s Gate. It’s not like the engine was individually tracking the position and damage of each insect in the swarm. In fact, this might be what CCP does for fighters -not sure.

That being said, this does seem like one of those ideas that was proposed more because it sounds cool, and less because it would improve game play or balance.
No P2W

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make it a one time use mod.

when the swarm is demolished, they cannot be replenished, similar to mining crystals.

You came here and posted in the wrong forum, and have legitimate criticism made, and then you respond like this and wonder why people are hostile?


you know that this is the Q and A section, to answer newbies questions? and that there is a specific forum section about suggestions and new ideas for devs?

mmmm Baldur’s gate is cool, but in Baldur’s Gate you don’t have fights between hundreds or thousands of players, with tidi.

Fun fact:

Back in the day, ships used to deploy more than double the amount of drones we can today.
No joke, the only limitation was how many drones one could carry.
This caused obscene amounts of lag.

So… the power-that-be introduced drone bays, drone bandwidth, and the “no more than 5 drones at any time” rule.
To compensate: Various skills and inherent stats were introduced to make the individual drone better (tougher, harder-hitting, etc).

The general trend since these mechanics were introduced has been to limit the number of objects in space to reduce clutter and calculations.
Example: Fighter mechanics

I don’t see a “swarm” drone thing happening anytime soon.


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Technically one still can field more than 5 drones.


it’s a high slot that you activate and it hurts your target?

that kinda just sounds like an over complicated gun.

or is it one that sends a cloud of drones that do constant damage to the target?

that just sounds like a confusing way to use drones.

Other than

" evil nanobots are coolz" is there an actual niche these would fill in game? or some new interesting gameplay that justifies their development?

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