Can CCP Increase the bandwith in ALL ships so we can use more than 5 drones at any one time please?, Nothing worse having a Capital Ore ship Orca Mining with Mining Drones then when Rats come into system having to bring those drones in then deploying combat drones to deal with the problem.
It would make like so much easier.

  1. You still would have the issue because you would just have 10 mining drones out.
  2. It’s part of the balance on drones.
  3. Drones impact server loading.

why not just mine with 2 drones then you can have three out… I mean you already seem to be willing to cut your yield in half

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But why have a Huge Capital Mining ship with only 5 drones allowed? I have 2 omega accounts so at the moment have 5 mining drones and then my Alt has either 5 mining drones or 5 combat drones.
If thats the case and you can only have 5 drones out at any one time, what is the point of a Drone Battleship or a Carrier with 5 only fighters you wouldnt even get that in real life.
Prob is CCP only ever seem to constantly polish flaming ships or weapons!!, start giving love to smaller things in game like probes, drones, salvaging and missions! Missions exactly the same as when eve first started and never changed, at least with Elite Dangerous its a far better variety.

What if we had more drones but all drone dps/mining yield/ehp was cut by 55%?

‘lets make the game more laggy for no reason’

Once upon a time the number of drones a ship could use was limited only by what could be stuffed into the drone cargo bay.

Think Thoraxes with 10 light heavy drones… Tempests with almost a dozen mining drones… CLOUDS of drones swarming everything like LOCUSTS!!

Then the lag started to happen.
And as more people joined the game… it got worse.
Many a noble server hamsters died in their attempts to keep up.

And while the DEVs were pretty happy with the extra kebab skewers they were getting each night, they realized that the hamster population could not maintain such attrition.

So they coded in a hard limit of 5 drones per ship. Only certain capital ships like the Carrier and Supercarrier would be allowed to field more than this limit.
To appease the slighted Capsuleer Lordlings, drones were given a DPS and durability buff.

As time went on the DEVs then installed some upgrades to the servers; new pellet trays, AC, fresh cedar bedding, and implemented a 10:1 “TiDi break.”
The rodent labor force rejoiced as their overlords gave them more tools to keep up with the demands of the young Capsuleer Lordlings.

As time went on new issues cropped up.
The Capsuleer Lordlings began to use more Carriers and Supercarriers.
Their legacy drone swarms made them strong and, in concert with others of their kind, the Carrier/Supercarrier fleets began to swat away even the most organized and vicious of Lordling subcapital fleets.
The DEVs could see that subcapitals were becoming “obsolete” in parts of the world they had created.

The Hamsters too began to experience issues. Their losses began to mount once more… even with their TiDI breaks their wheels and little clawed feet were not enough.
The DEVs realized something must be done. And quickly. For their rodent labor had grown in the last few years and revolution was not something they wanted to risk.
So the DEVs removed drones entirely from Capital Ships.

tldr: Drones were limited because they caused WAY too much lag and created a nightmare in ship balance.
Drones were later removed from capitals because they caused too much lag AND made them too powerful against subcapitals in fleet situations.

edit: I am trying to find that old pic of a tempest with a swarm of mining drones. Does anyone have it handy?

edit 2: I have been corrected regarding the original drone mechanics.


Came here expecting mere whining.

Am leaving thoroughly surprised and satisfied to have caught an unexpected @ShahFluffers post.

10/10, would read again.

-1 to the OP. Drone are generally balanced around the 5 drone limit. If 5 drones aren’t enough to do what you’re doing, you’re doing it wrong.

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Example #2539854732097654236: Why mining drones should be nerfed.


It is a COMMAND ship, you are supposed to use it with a fleet of exhumers which are mining ships.

This is not WOW, bigger is not automatically better. Bigger is DIFFERENT.

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